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Find answers to our most commonly asked home insurance questions

Frequently asked home insurance questions

Do you have any questions about Saga Home Insurance? Here are some we are frequently asked about our home insurance, with answers you should find useful.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can chat to our online team who will be happy to help.

My documents

I can't access my documents online

If you have opted to receive your documents by email, you can view them online or download a copy simply by logging into MySaga.

If you are having difficulty accessing your MySaga account or any documents, please call 0800 092 9104 or chat with us now via the icon below.

I have lost my Policy Book and need a replacement

If you have opted to receive your documents by email, please log into MySaga to access them.

Alternatively, you can view our latest Policy Books online under the Policy Book section. If you require an older version of your Policy Book please call 0800 056 9102.

What is MySaga?

MySaga is a secure section of our website, which allows you to view information such as your quotes and policy documents.

Contact us

How do I contact Saga Home Insurance by phone?

New customers

If you would like to get a quote on your home insurance, please call – 0800 015 0521

Opening times:

8.30am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday
8.30am – 5.00pm Saturday
9.00am – 5.00pm Sunday

Existing customers

If you would like to renew your policy, please call – 0800 056 9085

If you are an existing customer and have a query, please call – 0800 056 9102

Opening times:

8.30am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday
8.30am – 5.00pm Saturday
9.00am – 5.00pm Sunday


Visit our how to make a claim page for details.

I need to contact you in writing, what is the address?

Saga Services Limited, PO Box 253, Seaham DO, SR7 1BN.

I need to make a complaint, what do I do?

We hope you never have to make a complaint, but if you do please visit our complaints page for all the details.

Why do you ask data protection questions when I call?

It is important for us to ensure that your personal data is kept secure at all times. By asking you a series of questions, we aim to confirm that we are only speaking to you or someone with your authority acting directly on your behalf.

You can name anyone else you like (for example a partner, family member, or friend) to act on your behalf. Once we've recorded their name and your consent, they can speak to us about your policies just like you can. You can change or withdraw your consent at any time.

My home insurance cover

How do I make a claim?

We understand that making a claim can be stressful, so we aim to make it as easy and as straightforward as possible for you.

First check your policy documents to make sure you are covered for the type of claim.

Then call your insurer with your policy number, personal details and information about what you are claiming for. You may be asked to provide photos of the damage, or receipts for lost items, if you have them.

The number to call in order to make a claim can be found in your policy documents. For more information please see our how to make a claim page.

What is a policy excess?

A policy excess is the amount of money you contribute towards the cost of a claim. For example, if your excess is £100, you will pay the first £100 towards the cost of the claim.

Please note, if you are making a claim on both your buildings and contents then you will need to pay the excess on both sections.

How can I pay for my insurance?

So we can cater for your needs, we offer a number of ways to pay for your Saga Home Insurance. The easiest way to arrange payment is by calling us on 0800 414 525 where you can set up a Direct Debit or pay by credit or debit card.

Monthly Direct Debit

Paying by monthly Direct Debit allows you to spread the cost of your insurance. It is a simple, convenient and safe way to pay for your Saga Home Insurance policy; you will be in complete control and ensure you're always covered. If you pay monthly there is a charge for credit of 9.7% per annum (22.9% APR).

Single Payment

This method allows you to pay for your annual Saga Home Insurance policy in full, you can use a credit or a debit card.


You can also pay for your Saga Home Insurance policy by cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Saga Services Limited and posted to:

Saga Services Limited, PO Box 253, Seaham DO, SR7 1BN.

Please write your quote or renewal reference number (it'll start with a 1) on the back of the cheque to help us process your payment as quickly as possible.

Why do I have to pay an arrangement fee?

As Saga is an insurance intermediary; we will place your business with an insurer, who will agree to cover any claims you make under your Saga policy. The £30 cost of this service is charged under a separate contract which we need to disclose to you. This won't increase any premium we've already quoted you however, as the fee is included automatically within your total cost.

I need more than £100,000 cover for my contents and more than £1 million for buildings – can you cover me?

Yes, our Saga TailorMade Home Insurance can provide higher levels of cover as well as many great features and benefits, such as worldwide cover for your valuables and accidental damage as standard. Please see Saga TailorMade Home Insurance for more information and to get a quote. You can also call our specialist TailorMade team on 0800 096 3251.

What is Flood Re?

Flood Re is a scheme developed by the government and insurance industry aimed at helping households that have the highest risk of flooding. It allows the insurer to pass the flood risk part of your insurance onto Flood Re. This means that home insurance will be more widely available to those homes that have a high risk of flooding. For more information please visit our Flood Re page.

Is Saga contents insurance new for old?

Yes. With our new for old cover you have peace of mind that if an item is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it, regardless of age. For example, if your TV is knocked over and breaks, we will replace it with a brand new one even if your original TV was 10 years old.

Am I covered if I damage part of a matching pair or set?

Under our Saga Plus cover level you're fully covered for damage to items that are part of a matching pair or set. For example, if a friend spills red wine on your sofa and it can’t be cleaned or replaced to match the set, we will replace the whole suite. This feature is not available on our Saga Select cover level.

Can you offer cover for renters?

Our contents insurance is designed to offer cover for your personal possessions and any damage you are liable for as a tenant. For more information please see our renters insurance page. If you are renting your property it is normally the responsibility of your landlord to purchase buildings insurance, which covers the structure of your home and outbuildings, as well as things like built-in appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Who are Defaqto?

Defaqto are an independent financial information business focused on providing valuable information to support the decision making of customers. Their star rating system aims to help customers identify where a product sits in the market place in terms of features, quality and comprehensiveness. Saga’s range of products is designed specifically for our customers and is unique to us. Our home insurance is provided by a number of insurers who all meet our high standards of quality and service and, as a result, has enabled us to achieve a Defaqto 5 Star Rating for seven years in a row.

What is your 3-year fixed price?

Our flagship Saga Plus cover level comes with a 3-year fixed price. This means you get a price that won't go up for three years if nothing changes and the freedom to leave any time you like during the policy year with no cancellation fee.

Read all the terms and conditions and find out more about our 3-year fixed price.

If I need extra support to understand my home insurance policy, what services are available to me?

We understand that insurance can be complicated, some of the questions we ask can seem technical and might be difficult to understand. It’s important that you are comfortable and confident that your insurance meets your needs.

To help us help you:

  • Don’t be worried about asking questions
  • Don’t be afraid to ask us to repeat a question
  • Please tell us if you need us to slow down or speak up
  • If you would prefer us to speak to someone you trust who you would like to make decisions on your behalf, just let us know
  • If a call becomes overwhelming, please let the call handler know, and we’ll call you back once you’ve had a break.
  • Although our team will make every effort to answer all your questions. please remember that they are not able to offer advice or opinions on whether a product is suitable for you. That decision is yours to make.

To speak to our friendly customer services team, call 0800 056 9102. We also have a Saga Support Services webpage and webchat function on our website if you have a question and don’t want to call.

How do I request my documents in a different format such as large print or Braille?

You can request any documents in large print, Braille, or audio. Please let us know if you need any of these formats by calling our customer services team on 0800 056 9102.

By asking for this document type, all future correspondences for that policy will also be sent in this format, unless you tell us otherwise.

You can also inform us of any additional support you need via the Saga Support Register form.

I need to make a change or cancel my policy

Can I cancel my policy?

We hope you never have cause to cancel your policy and we will always strive to resolve any concerns or issues you may have. However, if you want to cancel your home insurance, please call us on 0800 056 9102.

Cancellation - Before the policy has started

If you wish to cancel your policy after receiving your documents but before your policy has started, you will receive a full refund of the premium paid.

Cancellation - Within the first 14 days

If you wish to cancel your policy within the first 14 days of receiving your policy documents then you will either receive a full refund of your premium paid if your cover has not yet commenced, or the unused part of your premium based on the cover you have had if your cover has started. After your cover has started, the £30 arrangement fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation - After the first 14 days

If you wish to cancel your policy after the first 14 days of receiving your policy documents and your policy has commenced then you will receive a refund of the unused part of your premium based on the cover you have had. This is on the condition that there have been no claims made by you or against you during that time. If you make a claim, you will not receive a refund.

There is a cancellation fee of £35 that applies after the first 14 days of your cover start date, unless you have a Saga Plus Home Insurance policy.

Do I need to inform you if I am making any alterations to my property?

Yes, it is important that you inform us of any changes to your property, for example, an extension or adding a conservatory, so we can ensure you have the right level of cover in place whilst the alterations are ongoing. You also need to let us know if scaffolding is going up at your property for any reason, for example repainting or maintenance.

This is likely to result in additional terms being applied to your policy until the work is complete. Depending on the type and duration of the work there may also be an additional charge to cover the increased risk. When calling to tell us about planned building work, please make sure to have the following information ready:

  • Total cost of the work
  • Start and expected end date
  • A brief description, e.g. new bathroom and kitchen, single storey extension, etc.
  • Whether you have signed a JCT contract (your building firm/contractor will be able to tell you this)
  • If you intend to move out temporarily for (all or part of) the duration of the work.

If you are a new customer and have current or planned renovations at the home you wish to insure, we may still be able to cover you, but be sure to have the above information ready when you call to get a quote.

How do I renew my policy?

You will be notified at least three weeks prior to the date your policy is due for renewal. You can renew your policy by calling 0800 056 9085. If you pay by Direct Debit or have a continuous payment on your credit card, your policy will automatically renew without you having to do anything.

How do I make a change to my policy?

If you need to make a change to your policy, our friendly customer services team will be happy to help. Please call our existing customer helpline on 0800 056 9102.

Will I be charged a fee for making changes to my home insurance policy?

No. There are times when you may need to amend your policy, for example if you move house or alter your cover. Some changes may result in a change to your premium. However, Saga won't charge an administration fee for any changes you make.