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Keep it simple with combined home buildings and contents insurance.

Get 3-year fixed price* buildings and contents insurance for your home

*If nothing changes, T&C apply.

If you own your own home, you can choose to have combined insurance for both the building and contents, instead of separate policies. To keep things simple, renewals straightforward, and paperwork to a minimum, having a combined policy for your home building and contents insurance can be a winning option.

What is buildings and contents insurance?

Buildings and contents insurance, sometimes known as home and building insurance, is a combined policy that insures you for:

  • Buildings insurance – the physical structure of your home and its permanent fixtures and fittings.
  • Contents insurance – protection for your personal possessions, for example anything that you’d take with you if you moved house.

You can get separate policies for each of these, but it can be simpler to combine both building and home contents insurance so that you can set up, manage, and renew cover for both at the same time.

Saga offers two levels of cover designed with home owners over 50 in mind, Saga Plus and Saga Select.

What does buildings and contents insurance cover?

Buildings and contents insurance covers both the buildings of your home and the things you keep there. Although this is combined in a single policy, it covers two separate areas:

  • Buildings insurance covers what it would cost to repair any damage or to rebuild your home.
  • Contents insurance covers against loss or damage while your possessions are at home, and may also cover them when you’re out and about.

Saga offers two levels of standard buildings and contents insurance, Saga Plus and Saga Select, that can provide up to £1 million cover for buildings, and up to £100,000 cover for your contents.

And for cover over these limits, Saga TailorMade Home Insurance can provide this alongside many great features and benefits such as worldwide cover for your valuables and accidental damage as standard.

What does buildings and contents insurance not cover?

House building and contents insurance typically will not cover everything, and it’s worth checking any policy carefully for specific exclusions. Saga Plus and Saga Select buildings and contents insurance will not cover:

  • general wear and tear on your buildings or its contents
  • damage caused by neglecting your property and bad workmanship
  • any excess stated in your policy

Find out more about what’s included with Saga Plus and Saga Select policies.

See the Policy Books for full details of inclusions and exclusions.

Who are Saga's home insurance policies underwritten by?

Saga Home Insurance policies, exclusively for people over 50, are unique products designed specifically for our customers. They are underwritten by a number of carefully selected insurers that provide our high standards of quality and service.

Get a quote for Saga Home Insurance

Do you need both buildings and contents cover?

If you own a house, buildings and home contents insurance will protect the buildings and your possessions against loss or damage.

If you rent your home, you may only need contents insurance to cover your belongings, as landlords are usually responsible for insuring the building itself.

If you are a landlord, buildings and contents insurance will be needed if you rent out a furnished property, otherwise you may only need to take out landlord buildings insurance.

Is it cheaper to get buildings and contents insurance together?

It can be cheaper to buy buildings and contents insurance together if you need both, rather than buying separate buildings and contents insurance. When getting a quote from Saga, we’ll automatically choose the cheapest insurer from our panel for each section to get you the best possible price.

Buying a combined buildings and contents policy usually means you only have to pay one set of fees instead of two, for example the arrangement fee or direct debit interest charges. A combined buildings and contents policy can be easier to manage as you only have one set of admin to do if you need to make a change and you’ll only have one renewal date to remember.

When you are looking at buildings and contents insurance quotes, you can compare building and contents insurance combined policies with separate buildings and contents policies to see which option is most suitable for you.

Check the policy details carefully to make sure that you are getting the best buildings and contents insurance for your needs, as price is only one important factor.

How much is buildings and contents insurance?

The price you pay for your buildings and contents insurance will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • where you live
  • what sort of property you live in
  • whether you have made any claims or not

Because Saga Plus and Saga Select buildings and contents insurance is designed especially for people over 50, you’ll benefit from some general factors as well.

Once you reach 50 you’ve probably got plenty of experience of what it takes to keep your home in good condition, which is likely to reduce the chances of an expensive claim. You might be more security conscious than you used to be and have upgraded your door and window locks, or you’ve added a burglar alarm to your home.

You might also have had experience of making an insurance claim before, so you’ll have a good idea of what insurers need to know.

All of these factors can combine to influence the premium that you’re asked to pay, making the cost of buildings and contents insurance lower for the over 50s.

Get a building and contents insurance quote

Defaqto 5 star rated home insurance 2014-2024

Defaqto 5 Star rated home insurance

We are proud to offer five-star treatment every day with Saga Home Insurance – Defaqto 5 Star rated every year since 2014.

How much cover do I need?

Building insurance needs to cover the full rebuild value of your home, based on costs of labour and materials rather than market value.

When you get an online quote for buildings and contents insurance from Saga, we use a valuation of your property based on the Association of British Insurers (ABI) online calculator from The Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) that you can access here: ABI/BCIS Residential Building Costs.

To work out how much contents insurance you need, you should think about what it would cost to replace all your contents as new. Saga offer new-for-old cover, so it is a good idea to think about what it would cost to buy a new item rather than what the existing item would be worth now.

What is new for old in buildings and contents insurance?

Saga policies work on a new for old basis, so you will be covered for a new item like the one you insure. Individual items of higher value should be added as specified items – with Saga, items such as jewellery or paintings kept at home only need to be listed if they are worth over £2,500.

The more complete your understanding of the value of your building and contents, the easier it will be to get an accurate quote and determine the best buildings and contents insurance for your needs.

Find out more about the cover we can offer with Saga Plus and Saga Select policies.