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Saga insurance support services

At Saga, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience with us. That's why we have a number of support options available to aid your communications with us.

How we can help

We all have individual needs and require a bit of extra support from time to time. Our needs can change or be permanent and are likely to be affected by life events such as money worries, relationship or communication issues or health concerns.

Saga support

We pride ourselves on being able to provide several internal support services to our customers. These include:

  • Alternative Document Formats – If you require large print, Braille or audio alternatives, please let us know
  • Webchat - Talking on the telephone isn’t always easy, and often questions crop up when you’re getting a quote for your insurance online. We have some useful FAQs and our Webchat facility is available for any queries, big or small. Chat with us now
  • Call-back Service - Purchasing a policy and understanding the insurance process can take its toll on all of us. Sometimes you may need a little extra time to digest things, that’s why we are always happy to call you back at a time that is convenient to you, just ask us if this is the case
  • Text Relay Service - If you use Text Relay in other areas of your life, rest assured, we can also interact with you this way. For more information on how to use this service in conjunction with Saga, please refer to your usual Text Relay service provider
  • Bereavement Service - We have a dedicated team of colleagues who can guide you through the process when you lose someone, simply call 0800 092 3816. Alternatively, you can find information on the next steps after the loss of a loved one on our dedicated bereavement service page, and also a call-back form you can use to notify us of your loss
  • Fraud and Scam Helpline - This free 24-hour helpline provided by Arc Legal Assistance can help set your mind at ease if you receive a suspicious phone call, text, letter, or email, or you've been visited by a cold caller who you're not sure is genuine. You can call any time on 0800 656 9921 and quote 'Saga Scam Helpline’. If you're a Saga Home Insurance customer and you have Legal expenses cover, please call 0800 092 0809


SOS Personal Alarm

Have you taken a bad fall or injured yourself at home or in the garden recently? Was there someone at hand to help them immediately? Will that always be the case?

Saga SOS Alarms is a subscription service which provides personal care alarms for reassurance in and around your home.

Contact us

We're always happy to chat things through, so please contact us or use our Webchat facility if you want to speak to us about any of the support services we provide.

Saga Support Register

If you hold a policy with us or represent someone who does, you can inform us of any additional support you need via the Saga Support Register. Using the Saga Support Register form will mean that when we next have contact with you, we will be fully aware of your circumstances.