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For when you don’t want to worry about costly unexpected boiler repair

Get boiler cover with Home and Heating Emergency from £69.99 a year*

*or £149.99 a year when added to Saga Landlord Insurance.

If dealing with home emergencies like boiler failure is one of your worst nightmares, help is at hand to keep you warm in your home with boiler and central heating cover for those unexpected breakdowns.

Our boiler and heating cover comes as part of the Home and Heating Emergency cover that can be added to your Saga Home Insurance, Saga TailorMade Home Insurance or Saga Landlord Insurance policy.

What is boiler cover?

Boiler insurance cover is protection that covers the costs of getting your boiler repaired if it suddenly stops working.

Boiler breakdown cover can help with the costs of:

  • calling out an approved engineer to diagnose your issue
  • labour costs for the work that needs to be done
  • replacement parts and materials necessary to complete an emergency repair
  • the VAT costs associated with the repairs.

Cheap boiler cover isn’t necessarily the best cover for your needs so you may wish to compare what’s included with different policies.

How does boiler cover work?

Boiler insurance cover is included with Saga Home and Heating Emergency. Your home is also covered for a range of emergencies relating to the following areas:

  • Cover for a sudden and complete breakdown of the boiler, heating, or hot water system
  • Boiler pipe cover, if there's a leak from a hot water pipe or radiator that can't be stopped by turning the radiator off
  • Plumbing and drains, if you have a blocked drain or a burst pipe
  • Electrical, if there is failure of internal electrics
  • Pest infestation, such as the removal of wasps or hornets’ nests, mice or rats.

Cover includes an emergency 24/7 helpline, call out charges, and emergency home repairs carried out by approved tradespeople. It will also pay for up to three nights alternative accommodation in your local area if you can’t stay at home when it’s being repaired.

When you make a call to the emergency helpline, our provider will contact their network of repairers and then we let you know how quickly they can come out to address your problem.

We pay up to £2,000 per incident to cover call out, labour, parts, materials and VAT, for a home emergency relating to the complete failure to function of the main heating system or boiler in your home. There’s no limit to the number of callouts per policy year.

We also offer a boiler cover with annual service option, so that you can be sure your boiler is less likely to breakdown without warning.

If the boiler can’t be economically repaired, we’ll reimburse a maximum of £250 towards the cost of you replacing it with a new boiler.

Choose Home and Heating Emergency cover while getting a quote for home insurance. If you’re an existing customer, you can add Home and Heating Emergency at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

Who provides Saga's home emergency cover?

Saga Home Emergency Insurance is provided by Inter Partner Assistance S.A, part of the AXA group.

Is there anything boiler cover doesn’t include?

Boiler cover with Saga Home and Heating Emergency has some specific exclusions. It’s important to understand what’s not covered to ensure that you have the best boiler cover for your specific needs. Your boiler must have been installed properly to British standards to qualify for boiler cover, and this cover doesn’t include things such as:

  • Partial failure – such as intermittent faults or the failure of one or more radiators or water or gas leaks from the system
  • Warm air and solar heating systems, ground or air source heat pumps, or boilers with an output over 70 kw. As an example, a boiler connected to 20 radiators would typically be around 40 kw
  • Adjustments to the central heating controls, including the relighting of the pilot light/flame
  • Repair and replacement of flues which are not part of your boiler, any decorative radiators or coverings, and showers, fittings and taps
  • Descaling or desludging and any work arising from damage caused by hard water scale, rust or sludge deposit or from damage caused by corrosive water, water with a high chemical content or any water pressure adjustments on sealed installations
  • Repairing or replacing parts of your main heating system, which are part of or are specifically designed for piped or electric under floor heating

For full details of what’s covered by Saga Home and Heating Emergency, please see the Policy Book.

You won’t be able to make a claim for an emergency that happened before you took out boiler cover insurance, and you can’t make a claim within 14 days from when your Saga Home and Heating Emergency cover first stared.

Do you need boiler cover?

Having boiler cover in place gives you peace of mind that if the worst happens you won’t be left without heating in the middle of a winter cold snap. When you’re considering if boiler cover is worth it, it’s down to how you feel you could cope without a boiler, and how you’d get issues fixed quickly.

Adding boiler and plumbing cover to your home insurance offers a simple straightforward way to get a qualified engineer to come out and fix any issues in the case of an emergency.

You can also keep your boiler up to date with boiler cover and service, an additional option that you can add to Saga Home Emergency policies. This is an annual service to give you additional reassurance that things are less likely to go wrong.

Choose Home and Heating Emergency cover while getting a quote for home insurance. If you’re an existing customer, you can add Home and Heating Emergency at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

Can I get boiler cover for older boilers?

For older boilers that are nearing the end of their life, it may be more difficult to get insurance, as some boiler cover policies will only cover newer boilers. Older boilers are a higher risk, so they may cost more to insure, as they may be less reliable.

However, there’s no maximum boiler age with Saga Home and Heating cover and we have a set price for the cover and annual service that’s not affected by how old your boiler is. If your 25-year-old boiler is still going strong, that’s great! We can cover it.

The average life span for a boiler depends on the type of boiler you have but is typically between 10 and 15 years. Older boilers must work harder to heat your home, and so can be less energy efficient and have significantly higher running costs.

Older boilers are also more likely to be declared ‘beyond economical repair’ as the parts may be expensive or even impossible to source. If your boiler is over 10 years old, you might want to take a look at how much it costs to install a new boiler.