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How to prepare for your Saga interview

If you’ve been invited to interview with us, congratulations – you’re now one step closer to joining our team. We know that preparing for an interview can be a little nerve-racking, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you shine on the day. If you have any questions about your interview, please direct them to your Saga recruitment consultant.

Pre interview

First things first, make sure you read all of the information we’ve sent you and action any requests. Then, it’s time to start researching. You probably had a look at our website when you were applying for the role, but it doesn’t hurt to have another look. You can find out more about what we’ve been up to on our social media profiles, too.

Cross-referencing your CV against the job description is a great way to start preparing for your interview. Think about how you’d answer some common interview questions – having these in your back-pocket will help you feel more prepared, so you’re less anxious on the day. You may want to use the STAR Technique with your answers - this means describing the Situation, Task, Action and Result. Remember, interviews work both ways – make sure to think of questions you want to ask us too.

As it gets closer to your interview, it’s time to start planning your journey - if you've been invited to a remote interview, see below for more advice. Make sure you check the location and plan your travel accordingly. Leave plenty of time so you’re not stressed – there’s nothing worse than running late for an interview. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early, as this will give you time to relax and reread over your CV one last time. Have a think about what you’ll wear, too – we suggest opting for something on the smart side of smart-casual, as we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

At the interview

When you arrive, we might ask you to fill out some forms. Please do so quickly so we can get your interview started on time. When you’re greeted by your interviewer, remember to smile and make a strong first impression.

During your interview, try to avoid answering questions with a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – we want to get to know you and these answers are limiting. Always use examples of previous successes to sell yourself and make sure to tell the interviewer what value you’ll add to the team. When asked if you have any questions, the most disappointing answer is "I don't think so" – so make sure you have a few up your sleeve.

Remote interview advice

Get comfortable with the technology. We use Microsoft Teams, and you can download this for free.

Set up your space. Have a clean and uncluttered background, check your lighting, do a speed test for your broadband, have a glass of water close to hand but not close enough to spill on your laptop!

Remember that things can go wrong. Practice with the tech first, perhaps with friends or family so you are comfortable. If the tech fails on the day reach out to the interviewer and we will rearrange.

Choose backgrounds carefully. You might want to fly the Millennium Falcon or be in The Rovers Return but switch to a less distracting background for your interview.

Eye contact is still important even on video so if you have notes, use flash cards, and arrange them so they are easily in eyesight and not distracting. Facial cues, hand gestures and body language prompts are easier to interpret when face to face. Don’t over think what you see on the screen but do think about how you are coming across.

Smile, use hand gestures, speak at a good pace, and look at the webcam not your picture on the screen.

Post interview

Take some time to reflect on the interview and give critical thought to your performance. Even if it didn’t go as smoothly as planned, you’ll have gained valuable experience and you should be proud of yourself.

While you wait to hear back from us, please be patient - recruitment processes can take time. We promise we haven't forgotten about you.

If you’re successful – congratulations! Please make sure you follow all the required steps as a matter of urgency so we can make you a fully-fledged member of our team as soon as possible.

If you’re unsuccessful, make sure to ask for feedback and listen positively to inform your development. Don’t be put off – why not search our current vacancies and see if there’s another role better suited to your skills?