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Colleague Stories

Colleague Stories

We’re proud to have so many incredible colleagues across our business who all play a significant role in our success. Here we celebrate a few of them and their careers at Saga.

Alison King

Alison King - Service Delivery Agent

After 16 years in the Insurance industry, I recently joined Saga as part of the Motor Services Contact Centre team.

I chose Saga because I wanted to work for a company that stands by its core values and treats its customers with respect and understanding.

Here, colleagues are not only valued, but listened to and supported to achieve their goals. My age isn’t a barrier in our diverse business. The training that I have received so far has been excellent. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure we feel ready for our next part of the journey and beyond. I can’t wait!

Kesang Ma - Risk Pricing Analyst, AICL

I joined Saga in March 2021 straight from the Audit Graduate Scheme at PwC. Saga has enabled me to smoothly transition to the actuarial field by providing me with a full study package and visa sponsorship.

I’ve also been given lots of exposure and many opportunities to accelerate my growth. I recently got married and Saga has continuously supported my work, study, and life balance so that I can develop my career without sacrificing my family commitments.

I feel proud of what I have achieved at Saga so far and I’m excited for what the future holds as I work towards becoming a fully qualified actuary.

Kensang Ma

Vickraaz Narrayen – Head of Pricing, Insurance

I have worked in the insurance industry for 15 years, with just under 10 of those years at Saga. There are many reasons why Saga is an excellent place to work – but the one that always stands out for me is the people.

I have been fortunate to work for both the broker and underwriter side of the business – and wherever I’ve worked, I feel fortunate to be able to work alongside individuals who are talented, dynamic, and empathetic.

For anyone likeminded who enjoys a satisfying and rewarding work environment, where you’ll be challenged to stretch and learn, I would highly recommend Saga as a great place to work.

Vickraaz Narrayen
Pacale Guilbert

Pascale Guilbert - Digital Developer, IT

I joined Saga almost 5 years ago as a Digital Developer. It’s no secret that the tech-side of the digital industry is male dominated.

During the many years I’ve worked in tech, I’ve faced discrimination for my age, sex, nationality and even for being a part-time working mum. But never at Saga! Saga is a progressive and modern-thinking company, and a great place to work.

Now I’m in my 50s, Saga’s hybrid working model is a lifesaver as I’m able to juggle work with looking after my elderly parents. I find Saga’s forums on Workplace – like ‘Menopause at work’ – a real taboo breaker and really beneficial for my mental health.