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Our new brand identity

What does 'old' even mean? Saga launched a new brand identity and accompanying advertising campaign in October 2021, based on a clear view from people over the age of 50 that "Experience is Everything"

When we asked our customers about their attitudes to age, they were very clear - 82% don't want to be defined by it. "I'm not old, just more experienced" was the sentiment we heard time and again. 

We’ve tested our new brand identity and advertising with our existing customers and people who have not considered Saga before. They’ve responded with comments such as “That’s it… That’s me!”, “Experience rounds people, it builds character”, “I’m not old, just more experienced” and “it's celebrating the advantages and positives that come with being older”

Our new adverts celebrate the idea of experience.  #ExperienceisEverything

What does 'old' mean? Introducing Experience is Everything, the new campaign from Saga.

"People don't think we get up to much at our age". Introducing the second TV advert from Experience is Everything, the new campaign from Saga.

"Experience. A wonderful thing when it comes to planning a holiday". This is the third advert in our new campaign, Experience is Everything.