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Celebrating our 70th Anniversary

In September 2021, Saga celebrated its 70th birthday. Born at a small hotel in Folkestone, it has grown up into one of Britain’s best known brands, synonymous with the over 50s and serving millions of customers across financial services, travel and publishing.

To mark our anniversary, Saga Magazine commissioned an in-depth poll of 70-somethings – and unearthed some really unexpected and fascinating findings for its five-page report, The Secret Life of Britain’s 70-year-olds.

It showed that…

  • Happiness isn’t just for the young: 76% rated their happiness at 7 out of 10 or above.
  • You’re not old in your 70s: only 25% considered themselves ‘old’ and only 24% believed old age even begins in your 70s.
  • 76% believe intimacy in a relationship is important, no matter your age.
  • 78% think there should be someone in government to represent older people’s interests.

It’s clear that today’s 70-year-olds are feeling positive and are determinedly looking to the future – just as we all are here at Saga. We are even more ambitious for our next 70 years, aiming to provide millions more customers with exceptional experiences.