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Supporting our people


Doing it. Owning it. Making it happen.

We’re passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Find out more about what this means at Saga.

Making a difference
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Our policies

Being there for our colleagues through all life events also means supporting them at difficult times, and we have brought in some new policies to support in this space, including a Pregnancy Loss policy with paid leave. We are also a proud signatory of the Pregnancy Loss Pledge with the Miscarriage Association.

We are committed to continuously improving and reviewing our policies to make sure that they support all our colleagues in the best way.

Moving Ahead

We are proud partners of Moving Ahead’s 30% Club programmes, with the global mission of enhancing the representation of under-represented groups in leadership positions.


We are proud to support LGBTQIA+ colleagues and have an active LGBT+ community and working group.

Championing Age

At Saga our customers are over the age of 50 and we aspire to be a leading voice in changing the conversation of age in the UK. We're working to ensure our workplaces and recruitment processes are suitable for everyone no matter their age. We’re an accredited Age friendly employer.

The launch of our Grandparents Leave policy was the beginning of this journey, and we continue to work hard in this space. 

Watch Jason's story


We’re also delighted to have been independently accredited as a Menopause Friendly Employer (Henpicked). Our Menopause Matters support group is a community where we share our lived experiences and knowledge. We host our own Menopause cafes, events and colleague stories, and we’re really proud of all the great work we’ve done in this space.

Watch Teresa's story

Disability confident employer

Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people. Being Disability Confident is a unique opportunity to lead the way in your community, and you might just discover someone your business cannot do without.

Gender Pay Gap

We support the Government’s ambition to address the gender pay gap. And like most organisations, we’re working hard to reduce ours. Read our Gender Pay Reports here.

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