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Joint replacement cover

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Benefits of health insurance cover for joint replacement surgery

Health insurance can make the world of difference to some people. Paying a regular health insurance premium in return for efficient consultancy, referral to a specialist, and then treatment can be exceptionally worthwhile.

With people living longer and continuing to be active, health insurance can enable you to bypass long waiting times and be seen quickly, ensuring you can be back to normal after illness or injury quicker.

Joint replacements, particularly hip replacements and knee replacements are common ailments.

Over time, our joints can experience natural wear and tear through use, or they may become damaged by arthritis or other medical conditions. Damage to a joint can cause an individual much pain if left untreated, and as a result can have a negative impact on their quality of life. Replacing a damaged joint of any kind with a prosthetic, or having one repaired can make a dramatic improvement, but it can be costly.

Having health insurance which covers you for joint replacement or reconstruction means that should the need arise for this type of surgery, you can go ahead with treatment without having to worry about finding the money to pay for it.

Saga Health Insurance provides you with clear guidance and the means to make a claim, which in most cases will be paid direct to your hospital or surgeon, leaving you to recover without worry.

For those lucky enough not to have to make a claim on their health insurance, Saga offers a No Claim Discount Scheme, which offers discount on your premium for every year you don't make a claim.

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