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Underwriting methods

There are three different underwriting methods available when taking out a Saga HealthPlan. The right method for you will depend on a number of personal circumstances.
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Underwriting methods

When you take out a Saga HealthPlan for the over 50s, you can choose from three different underwriting methods, depending on whether you’re taking out a policy for the first time or changing from another insurer or employer’s scheme.

Below will help you decide which underwriting method is right for your health insurance policy.

Moratorium method

Moratorium is the method used for our health insurance online quotations. This means that no medical declaration is necessary. We'll simply exclude treatment for any pre-existing medical conditions and certain specified conditions you or anyone on your policy has experienced or had symptoms of in the three years prior to joining.

If you remain free from any advice, medication or treatment for an excluded condition for a continuous period of two years after your policy starts, we may then be able to offer cover for those medical conditions.

Full medical history underwriting

If you choose this option, you will complete a medical history declaration for you and any family members you wish to be covered. We'll speak to your doctor if necessary, take into account the history of any existing conditions and let you know whether we can cover you for them.

Continued personal medical exclusions

This option is available if you wish to switch from your current insurer and retain cover for your pre-existing medical conditions. This is dependent on your recent medical history and is subject to the terms and conditions of your new policy.

For more information, read our Underwriting and Chronic Conditions leaflet.

Which method is right for me?

  • I'm new to health insurance - we'll cover the cost of new eligible medical conditions that arise after the date you join and will exclude any pre-existing conditions or any specified conditions you may have. You can choose 'Full medical history underwriting' or the 'Moratorium method'.
  • I'm switching from another insurer - if you choose 'Full medical history underwriting' or the 'Moratorium method' we'll treat you as though you're taking out insurance for the first time and exclude any pre-existing conditions. But, for an additional premium, it may still be possible to receive cover for a pre-existing condition, in which case you should choose 'Continued personal medical exclusions'.
  • I'm switching from an employer's group scheme - if you have health insurance through a company scheme and are about to leave the company, you may still be able to receive cover for pre-existing conditions. If you choose 'Continued personal medical exclusions' your policy will be subject to an additional premium and a compulsory £250 excess. Otherwise simply choose 'Full medical history underwriting' or the 'Moratorium method'.