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Your cover in more detail

Our Comprehensive motorhome insurance includes benefits that many insurers do not offer as standard or for which they may charge you extra.

Your cover in more detail

The table below outlines what's included with each level of cover:

Third Party Only Third Party, Fire and Theft Comprehensive
Accidental damage to insured motorhome No No Yes
Loss or damage to insured motorhome by fire or theft No Yes Yes
Legal costs arising from a Third Party claim Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Treatment Costs Yes Yes Yes
Legal liability to Third Parties, including up to £20 million of property damage Yes Yes Yes
Uninsured driver cover – if an uninsured driver hits your motorhome, through no fault of yours, as long as you supply their vehicle registration and the accident details we'll refund any excess paid and your No Claim Discount won't be reduced No No Yes
Vandalism cover – your No Claim Discount will not be affected by a claim for damage caused by vandals No No Yes
Driving other cars (Third Party only). This benefit is available for the policyholder and named spouse/domestic partner and selected occupations only Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited audio/visual cover – cover against fire and theft for permanently fitted equipment such as CD players, factory fitted sat nav systems and reverse parking cameras. Our Comprehensive policy also includes unlimited accidental damage cover for the audio/visual equipment permanently fitted in your motorhome. No Yes If as the result of fire or theft YesUnlimited
Replacement car while your motorhome is being repaired by one of our approved repairers following an incident in the UK No No Yes
Personal belongings cover up to £1,500 for clothing and personal effects kept in your motorhome (£100 limit per item) No No YesUp to £1,500
Camping equipment in the insured motorhome No No YesUp to £500
Awnings in the insured motorhome No No YesUp to £1,500
Personal accident benefits for policyholder and spouse/domestic partner No No YesUp to £5,000
Medical expenses (per person) No No YesUp to £300
Emergency accommodation / Get you home cover No No YesUp to £500
Cover for any person with a full driving licence to drive your motorhome in a medical emergency Yes Yes Yes
Windscreen and window repairs – no excess to pay and your No Claim Discount will not be affected if you use one of our approved repairers No No Yes
New for Old cover- For motorhomes owned from new and up to a year old, you get a brand new motorhome no matter how many miles are on the clock, if your motorhome is written off. Motorhomes between one and two years old are also replaced as new, as long as the total mileage of the motorhome is under 12,000 miles. No No Yes
Cover in the European Union for the policyholder to take trips abroad for an unlimited period at no extra cost Yes Yes Yes
Protected maximum No Claim Discount – we'll protect your No Claim Discount against two claims in a three year period. This is included as standard if you've got four or more years' No Claim Discount entitlement. Please note: if you have made a fault claim before the start of your policy, this will count as one of the two claims allowable in a three year period. Yes Yes Yes
Optional cover available
Legal Protection YesOptional YesOptional YesOptional
Increased Personal Accident No No YesOptional
Replacement car extension for theft/total loss No No YesOptional
Accident Healthcare YesOptional YesOptional YesOptional
Saga Motorhome Breakdown Assistance YesOptional YesOptional YesOptional

For the full policy features and benefits please see our Policy Book