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Saga Personal Finance Support Services

At Saga, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience with us. That’s why we have a number of support options available to aid your communications with us and our partners.

How we can help

We all have individual needs and require a bit of extra support from time to time. Our needs can change or be permanent and are likely to be affected by life events such as money worries, relationship or communication issues or health concerns.

There are no hard and fast rules around how our personal circumstances can impact us which is why it’s important to let us know so that we can make sure our colleagues are offering you the right level of support.

We can also tailor your journey with us to meet your needs.

Saga Personal Finance works with trusted partners to provide our products and services and together we can provide additional support services should you need them. These include:

For Saga Savings, provided by Goldman Sachs International Bank Limited

  • Alternative Document Formats – If it would be helpful for you to receive a copy of our terms and conditions, privacy policy or other customer documentation in Braille or large print, please call us on 0800 028 1701.
  • British Sign Language – If you are an existing Saga Savings customer you are able to contact the Saga Savings team using British Sign Language (BSL). 
  • Bereavement Service - To inform Saga of a bereavement please call our team on 0800 092 3816. If your loved one has a Saga Savings account, give the Goldman Sachs Customer Care Team a call on 0800 028 1701, or +44 203 901 3794 if you’re calling from abroad. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (excluding bank holidays).

It's always a difficult time when someone dies, and Saga and Goldman Sachs want to do all we can to help you. Goldman Sachs have put together a step-by-step guide that explains what you'll need to do when someone passes away. 

You can find a copy of the guide, along with the form you'll need to complete to inform them of the bereavement on the Goldman Sachs website linked below.

Getting help when a customer passes away.

If you would like to get in contact with the Saga Savings Team, all the contact information can be found on our contact us page.

For Saga Equity Release, provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited

  • Alternative Document Formats – If you require large print, Braille or audio alternatives, please contact the Saga Equity Release team who will be able to arrange this for you
  • Call-back Service – Sometimes you may need a little extra time to digest things, that’s why the Saga Equity Release team are always happy to call you back at a time that is convenient to you, just ask us if this is the case, or complete this online form
  • Face to face or telephone appointments - Saga Equity Release can offer both Telephone or Face to Face appointments with our Advisers. If you would like to arrange an appointment then call the team on 0800 096 7120. Lines are open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm, Friday, 9am to 5.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays
  • Bereavement Service - To inform Saga of a bereavement please call our team on 0800 092 3816. If your loved one has taken out Equity Release with Saga please also contact the provider using the details on the documents you have. 

If you would like to get in contact with the Saga Equity Release Team, all the contact information can be found on our contact us page.

Additional Support

Fraud and Scam Helpline - This free 24-hour helpline provided by Arc Legal Assistance can help set your mind at ease if you receive a suspicious phone call, text, letter or email, or you’ve been visited by a cold caller who you’re not sure is genuine. You can call any time on 0800 656 9921 and quote ‘Saga Scam Helpline’

Text Relay Service - If you use Text Relay in other areas of your life, rest assured, we can also interact with you this way. For more information on how to use this service in conjunction with Saga, please refer to your usual Text Relay service provider.

We understand that sometimes personal finance can be complicated, some of the questions we ask can seem technical and might be difficult to understand. It’s important that you are comfortable and confident that we are meeting your personal finance needs.

To help us help you:

  • Don’t be worried about asking questions
  • Don’t be afraid to ask us to repeat a question
  • Please tell us if you need us to slow down or speak up
  • If you would prefer us to speak to someone you trust who you would like to make decisions on your behalf, just let us know
  • If a call becomes overwhelming, please let the call handler know, and we’ll call you back once you’ve had a break.