Improvements to your online security

Your online security is important to us, so we’re taking steps to improve the customer identification process on internet accounts.

These changes will take place over the coming months from December 2017 to April 2018 in a phased approach.  Don’t worry, your account remains secure and you don’t need to take any action until prompted to online, in the meantime please continue to use your current password and memorable security information.

Details of the changes

We will be updating our password policy and guidelines. As a result we may ask you to update your password and will also need you to provide a different type of memorable information before you login.

You will only be asked to change your security information after you have successfully provided your existing security information on the login page.

Remember to keep your security information safe. 

It is important you protect your personal details and keep your information safe. Please do not share your passwords or memorable information with anyone else. 

We will never contact you and ask you to tell us your Online Password or memorable information.

If you are worried that someone else may know your password or memorable information please call us on 0345 850 0664