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Our SOS Personal Alarm Service has closed

As of July 2024, Saga no longer offers a SOS personal alarm service.

Saga SOS personal alarm customers can refer to our FAQs for more information about the closure.

If you were looking to purchase cover, Chubb, our trusted partner who worked with Saga to provide devices and service monitoring, have plenty of information on their website.

SOS Personal Alarm Service closure FAQs:

To keep things simple for our previous customers, Chubb have taken over any existing contracts. If you have any questions about this, the FAQs below may have the information you need.

Do I need to do anything to accept Chubb as the provider of all aspects of the service?

No, we've made all the arrangements including the secure transfer of your payment details. If you paid annually, Chubb will be in touch when your next payment is due. If you paid monthly, they will have confirmed your July 2024 payment date. As noted when we wrote to you, your contract for the service moved to Chubb from 1 July on the same terms.

Will the amount I pay change when I move?

No, the amount will remain the same. The day of the month Chubb collects your monthly payments may have changed.

Will my terms and conditions change as part of the move?

Your contract transferred to Chubb from Saga. Chubb has agreed to honour your current terms and conditions, so when your contract transferred to Chubb, they remained the same as before.

Why is this transfer to Chubb taking place?

Saga no longer be offered this service from the end of June 2024. We've chosen the trusted partner we already worked with to take on the contracts and service.

What is the process for transferring my Direct Debit payment?

The banks have an agreed, accredited process to follow to make this transaction secure and seamless for customers.