Helping you make the right choice

Our A to Z comparison of Care at Home and care homes should help you make the choice that is right for you.

With Care at Home you can... A-Z In a care home you can... 
Stay in the comfortable atmosphere you know   Atmosphere   Take on the challenge of new surroundings
Pay around £1k per week for an individual    Budget   Pay up to £1.5k depending on location
Carry on with all the things you enjoy
  Continuity   Start afresh in a new environment
Choose your own colour scheme and
keep all your possessions and
Take only the most precious of your things
into a new room
Choose, with your Carer, exactly what
you would like them to do
  Exact brief   Adapt to the care-home system
Keep in touch with the friends and
neighbours you have known for years
  Friends and
Begin new friendship groups and learn to live with other people  
Stay on the same GP list
  GP   Move to the GP supporting the care home
Get help with your housework to keep
your home spick and span
Have a cleaner arriving at a time that is convenient to them
Maintain your independence with a little extra support   Independence  
Rely on services provided
Make your own decisions and be on
your own when you want to
  Join in   Join in new activities and learn new systems
Do your own cooking or have your
Carer serve meals you like when you like
  Kitchen   Have a set menu and fixed mealtimes
Get to know one new person
  Living together  
Meet a team of new people
Keep control of your routine
medication, with support from your
  Medication   Be supplied with your medication at set times
Have the reassurance of someone you
know being there for night-time 
  Night time   Enjoy 24-hour care by a team of Nurses and Carers  
Have someone to take you to the park
or the shops
Have to make separate arrangements to go out
Keep your cat, dog or other pets
  Pets   Only keep pets in a very few homes
Be sure of the highest-quality, trained
Carer chosen specifically for you
  Quality of care   Have a variety of caring staff looking after you on a rota  basis
Maintain your usual daily routine
  Routine   Adapt to a pre-arranged daily plan
Set out your spare room available for your Carer
  Spare room  
Move into a care home from any size of home
Save money with live-in care for a
couple around £1.3k per week
  Two   Pay for both places for a couple
Enjoy a service uniquely targeted to your needs
  Unique   Fit into a pre-arranged care package
Entertain visitors as and when you like
  Visitors   Arrange your visitors around the care-home routine
Be comfortable with the help of one
person you know
  Washing and
personal care
Have different people looking after your personal needs
Be sure that Saga do not discriminate
on grounds of race, colour, religion,
gender or national origin but match
person to person
Get to know people from all parts of the UK and the world
Remain where you feel most safe and secure
  Your own home  
Move into a new room and get used to a smaller space to live in
Zzzz… sleep soundly in your own bed
  Zzzz… sleep  
Adjust to a new bedtime routine

Talk to our experts about the care Saga can offer you to help you remain in the security and independence of your own home.