Private hourly care at home

Getting older can sometimes mean that people need a little more help to keep on doing the things they love. Adults living with a disability or a long-term condition may need to adapt their environment and routines in order to cope with everyday tasks. 

Domiciliary care covers a range of home help services, from companion care to look after the wellbeing of your loved ones, to home nursing care to make sure that the needs of living with a long-term illness or disability are met.

It’s perfectly understandable that families can worry if the people they care about aren’t able to do the things they enjoy. At Saga Healthcare we understand that worry and we’re here to help

Visiting care is currently available through:

Private home care service with a difference

Saga is a private homecare service with a difference. Our aim is to help older people stay independent whilst still getting the support they need, and allow younger adults to manage independently in their own homes. 

It could mean taking them out shopping or to meet friends, providing a hand with housework or cooking a meal, and if they need help with personal hygiene, we’re able to take care of that as well.

The right care plan for everyone

We’re here for you and the people you care about. Our care team will sit down with everyone to create a fully personalised care plan based on individual needs and wants. We then present the finished care plan so you can decide on the right level of care, which, of course, can be changed from week to week as required.

Care services available on an hourly care basis:

Daytime support

  • Reminding, assisting with and administering medications
  • Assistance with using the toilet, commode or toilet aids
  • Washing up and other general housework tasks, such as cleaning and ironing
  • Sorting, washing and drying of clients’ clothing, bedding, towels and other domestic washing
  • Collection of prescriptions
  • Purchase of items on a shopping list provided by the client
  • Collection and delivery of allowances and pension benefits
  • Accompanying the client to a required appointment, in the carer’s transportation or private hire vehicle

Mealtime support

  • Preparation of nutritious homemade meals
  • Assisting with feeding

Morning & evening support

  • Assisting to wash, help with oral hygiene and shaving
  • Assisting with dressing/undressing
  • Moving/transferring clients in or/and out of bed

Night-time support

  • Night sitting – a waking service to provide personal care, toileting, dressing/undressing and providing drinks as needed
  • Night sleeper – the home care worker sleeps at the client’s home and is available to provide personal care services 

Special occasion support

At Saga, our home care service is tailored to suit our clients’ wishes.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or someone is coming to stay, our home help companions offer a chance to clean and tidy the house, go shopping or take a trip to the hairdressers. This could also include an accompanied walk or visit to a special location. This is a unique opportunity for our dedicated carers to spend time with their client.

Saga Care at Home

Saga Care at Home

A unique, private, hourly-care and live-in care service, provided by Saga professional Carers, offering continuity of care and a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Patricia White’s Home Care Agency

Patricia White’s

Supplying private home care to some of the most prestigious families in the UK using only handpicked Carers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.