"A unique proposition in the UK care market."

CQC Good Rating

Why is technology important to us? 

At Saga Care at Home, as a leading provider of homecare services, our mission is to make the lives of our clients better and to give our carers the skills and time to care.

Small home care providers, don’t have the desire or opportunity to invest in technology to enhance their service provision. Saga Care at Home aim to become the UK's most trusted, bespoke and premium homecare provider of choice, providing a relevant service in the homecare market to support those in need of Visiting Care and Live-in Care.

We saw a deficiency in how homecare services were being provided, and built a technology-first business to improve it, using the Mendix platform. The suite of applications we developed enabled us to launch a new business line in a matter of months that creates greater operational efficiency, making it easier for our care coordinators to efficiently schedule high-quality homecare, and will ultimately deliver transparency between our clients, their families and our carers - a unique proposition in the UK care market.

We originally spoke to a very large technology provider who offered to build us the system we wanted, but it came with a very substantial price tag. We decided that we could build something bespoke and more efficiently in-house, to save money, maintain control and ownership whilst becoming innovative in home care industry.

We’ve built our scheduling and rota planning systems within Mendix, we’ve added our staff management and finance invoicing processes and reporting and business intelligence are supported through the system.

Some of the key innovations we've developed are;

  • Robo Planner – a care coordinator can traditionally manage approximately 500 hours of care per week, by automating the scheduling this number can scale to 10 times the volume without significantly increasing headcount.
  • Care Call Information – using tablet devices in the field, our carers can securely access real time Client Care Plan information to provide the most relevant care.
  • Care Call Management – tracking check-in/check-out, monitoring the operation to maintain the highest standards of service.

Our customer portal and further operational enhancements are next...

The below video summarises how and what we did to achieve this, with the help of the Mendix platform.