What is Visiting Home Care?

CQC Good Rating

Visiting care offers you a vast range of options,  from one visit a day to several. It is suitable for both short-term and long-term contracts, so we can help you deal with convalescence or post-operative support, or give you the help required on an ongoing basis. 

Many Clients start with a single daily visit from their Carer. Some Clients like a little help to shower and dress in the morning, others prefer a daytime call to help with the housework or do whatever is needed around the home. 

The most popular option is three daily visits spread throughout the day, and Clients quickly establish into a comfortable routine with their regular Carers.

Visits and outings

Since Clients using this option tend to be more able, it is possible for Carers and Clients to organise trips, visits or even holidays with a little planning. Some Carers have their own cars and are appropriately insured to drive Clients; otherwise suitable transport can be arranged.

Flexible care packages

Backed by our considerable knowledge and experience, the Saga team can provide a completely bespoke service. We can target the care you need precisely to your circumstances.

What do the Carers do?

All Saga Carers are ready and willing to undertake whatever tasks can be reasonably expected to help make the Client’s life easier and more comfortable. 

For each individual Client, the answer is different, because the Carer will allocate their time as it best suits the Client. An early discussion will soon establish what is needed, and that can be adjusted if circumstances change.

  • Personal care: Helping with personal hygiene, washing, dressing; assistance with using the toilet, commode or toilet aids; mobility support.
  • Home care: Light housework and washing up to keep the home spick and span; general housework tasks, such as washing and ironing.
  • Nutritional support: Preparation of nutritious homemade meals, especially the Client’s favourites; help with feeding, if necessary.
  • Support services: Reminding the Client to take their medication; collecting prescriptions, allowances and pension benefits; shopping from a list provided by the Client; encouraging hobbies and seeing friends.
  • Social services: Accompanying the Client to appointments; companionship and friendship; recreational support, social events.

Precious time

Obviously time is a factor, so while a visiting Carer will tend to focus on the practical – washing and dressing, cooking and cleaning – with Live-in Care there is more flexibility to develop companionship.

Care Quality Commission

Saga is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of Health and Social Care in England. They make sure Health and Social Care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and they encourage services to improve. They monitor, inspect and regulate services to ensure care providers meet the fundamental standards. CQC carry out in-depth investigations and publish clear and comprehensive information. 

Adhering to their own Charter and welcoming the regulation and inspection of other professional bodies is the best way for Saga to maintain the highest quality standards of care for the Clients they support. Saga Care at Home achieved a rating of ‘Good’ overall and across every single one of the five categories used to inspect and rate their service.

  • Safe: Clients are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.
  • Effective: Care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, helps Clients to maintain quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.
  • Caring: All staff treat Clients with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. 
  • Responsive: The service is organised so that they meet the Clients’ needs. 
  • Well led: The leadership, management and governance of the organisation make sure it’s providing high-quality care that’s based around individual needs, that encourages learning and innovation, and that it promotes an open and fair culture.
Saga Care at Home Live-in Care

Live-in Home Care

Live-in care is an increasingly popular alternative to assisted living in a care home, enabling the client to stay independent in their own home with specialised 24-hour care.

Saga Care at Home CQC

CQC Regulated

Live-in and visiting home care from Saga Care at Home is a CQC regulated service. We are pleased to say we achieved the rating “Good”, in our latest inspection.

Saga Care at Home Hertfordshire Home Care

Care in Hertfordshire

Available in selected areas in Hertfordshire, we offer live-in and visiting care on a long-term or short-term basis depending on your circumstances.