Don’t think that once you’ve bought your cover, that’s it. We are always looking for ways to give you better value and better benefits. So, when we make an immediate improvement, we’ll update your policy benefits straightaway – you won’t have to wait until you renew or become a ‘new’ customer to qualify. See what extras some of our car insurance customers are now getting…

Replacement Car Extension

Our Comprehensive policies all provide a replacement car if yours is being mended at one of the national network of Saga-approved repairers as part of your claim. But with the optional extra Replacement Car Extension cover, you’ll also get a replacement car if yours is written off or stolen.

We’ve improved this cover recently for current and new customers by introducing an instant benefit of £100. We all know that getting a new car comes with extra costs, such as paying for vehicle checks or the outlay for fuel while travelling to view a new vehicle. This £100 is automatically awarded and there is no need to provide receipts – it’s just a helpful extra that will come in handy.

Increased Personal Accident cover

This cover is an optional extra available on our car insurance. All our Comprehensive policies come with Standard Personal Accident cover, which provides £5,000 compensation for three serious injuries. Increased Personal Accident cover comes with substantially more, both in terms of much higher payouts and a much wider range of claimable situations.

Recently, thanks to our ongoing commitment to give customers the best cover we can, we were able to improve this optional cover. And make these improvements available to current customers immediately.

Here’s how the Increased Personal Accident cover improved overnight for policyholders:

  • We doubled the payout amounts for eight of the most serious injuries:
    Old amount New amount
    Permanent total disablement £25,000 £50,000
    Loss of, or permanent total loss of use of, limb or limbs £25,000 £50,000
    Total loss of sight in one or both eyes £25,000 £50,000
    Total loss of hearing £20,000 £40,000
    Total loss of speech £20,000 £40,000
    Total organic paralysis £20,000 £40,000
    Total loss of intellectual capacity £20,000 £40,000
    Total loss of use of spinal column £10,000 £20,000
  • We extended the number of nights eligible for hospital cash benefit. This was previously only available for hospital stays of between two and ten nights, but customers can now claim £300 for a single night and £200 for further nights up to a maximum of 14 consecutive nights.
  • The Increased Personal Accident policy now covers all family members travelling in the insured vehicle, not just the customer and their spouse or partner. Policyholders can now also claim for injuries sustained when driving another vehicle – as can their spouses or partners, if they are named on the policy.
  • We’ve introduced a new benefit of up to £250 for counselling to help support claimants after an accident.
  • We also reminded policyholders that the cover of up to £250 for physiotherapy included therapy for whiplash as other companies tend to exclude this condition.

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