We’ve had some alarming reports about thieves making cold calls and pretending to be from Saga. Read on to find out what they’re doing and how you can be certain it’s not really us.

It appears that recently criminals have been making mass scam phone calls and claiming to be from Saga. They phone to say that there has been a problem with the person’s insurance payment and need to take their bank account or card details immediately to settle the debt. Apparently, these fraudsters have done their homework and even mention the Saga 3-year fixed price cover level available with our home and car insurance to make their hoax sound more convincing.

Obviously, thieves operating scams like these have to throw their net very wide to find someone answering their call who is a) over 50, b) has Saga insurance and c) has only just paid for a policy. It’s unlikely they have any significant details at all of the person they’re calling, even less know who they’ve got their insurance with – they really are just trying their luck.

Just so you know, if there is ever a problem with your payment, we will write to you. We will never telephone you to ask for a payment for your insurance.

If you’ve had a suspicious call like the one described above or any other dubious activity claiming to be from Saga, please email the details to reportfraud@saga.co.uk.

If you are uncomfortable at any time with any call claiming to be from a reputable business, put the phone down. Make sure you can hear a dialling tone before ringing back the company in question on an advertised number to make sure your caller was genuine.

For more hints and information about scams and how to spot them, take a look at our article.

If you do ever receive a suspicious call, text, email or caller at your door, all Saga insurance customers are welcome to ring the free Saga Fraud and Scam Helpline any time of the day or night. Simply call 0800 656 9921, quoting ‘Saga Scam Helpline’, and the advisers there can provide confidential advice and support.

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