Additional cover options

Not only does Saga Boat Insurance offer a range of policies to suit your needs, there are also additional cover options available which provide even more flexibility. Find out more about Legal Cover, Racing Cover and Underwater Machinery Damage Cover below.

Legal Cover

Saga Marine Legal Cover is an insurance to protect you against risks not covered by most pleasure vessel policies, no matter how good they are. The cover will pay for you to receive specialist representation if your vessel is involved in a collision or other marine accident and you suffer financial loss or injury. For example, you may have to pay an excess under your policy or miss out on a planned holiday cruise.

If you or your crew are injured it is even more important that you receive expert help. We will also pay your legal costs if you are prosecuted over the navigation of the vessel or become involved in a contractual dispute.

Saga Marine Legal Cover pays up to £150,000 towards professional fees for each uninsured loss recovery or personal injury claim, and up to £100,000 towards contract dispute and prosecution defence claims where there is more than 51% chance of success, to cover your own lawyer's costs and those of your opponent if the ruling goes against you. Cover is provided for incidents arising within the policy year, within the territorial limits of the cover and notified to us within 180 days. It also pays repatriation costs up to £300 following an accident abroad if the vessel is rendered unseaworthy.

Racing Cover

Dinghies – under Saga’s Dinghy Plan, all dinghies receive racing cover as standard.

All yachts – protection may be provided at the underwriter’s discretion, and will generally cover local club level racing (although we may cover other racing, depending on the vessel).

Underwater Machinery Damage cover

Faster vessels can often damage their propellers, shafts and rudders by hitting underwater objects like sand bars or floating debris. Insurers cover collision damage to the hull as standard. However, it’s often things that sit under the hull, such as propellers, that need extra protection – especially as they can be expensive to replace.

Saga Boat Insurance automatically covers damage to underwater machinery on speedboats, sports cruisers, fast sports cruisers, fast motorboats, motorboats with a speed of 18-45 knots, and day fishers. This cover is shown by an endorsement on the policy and is subject to an increased excess.


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Additional cover options