Internal maintenance

A boat is, in effect, like a bucket floating in the water. Propane and butane are both heavier than air – so if you have a gas leak on board, the gas will gradually fill the bucket (just waiting for a spark or a light to set it off).

Similarly, a leak in a fuel line will drain fuel into the bilges, where it will stay because it has nowhere else to go. This is why gas and fuel safety must be taken seriously.

  • Bilges should be inspected as a matter of course, for either water or fuel. If there is a fuel leak, use a manual bilge pump (not an electric one) to pump out the bilge. A gas sensor is a useful investment and will warn of gas build-up before it becomes critical.
  • The interior of the boat should always be kept at its best, so keep it clean, dry and mildew-free. Give wooden surfaces an occasional buff and periodically remove any soft furnishings that can be removed, such as curtains to get them cleaned.


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