Buying a new boat

Buying a new boat is a significant investment, so when it comes to paying for it you need to make sure you’re protected. A deposit is usually required and the rest is paid for in stages. To protect your interest the contact should be based on the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Agreement for the Construction of a new boat.

Under this agreement, ownership of the unfinished boat is gradually transferred to you as work progresses, so in the event that the builder fails, you will still be able to recoup your investment.

Under the EU Recreational Craft Directive (1996), anyone who wants to sell a new boat on the European market has to make sure it is CE-certified - this mainly concerns the stability and safety of the craft. However, it also demands that manufacturers provide a technical file saying how they intend to build and equip each craft, leading to an increase in the standard of boat building.

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