Security marking

No matter what you do to protect your boat, there is still the possibility of a thief breaking in. In the unfortunate event that your boat or equipment should be stolen, there are measures you can take which will help aid the police in finding it.

At home keep a file containing all the information you can assemble about your boat. Take a set of photographs of the boat and the serial numbers of all equipment. Modern craft have a HIN (Hull Identification Number) fixed in an appropriate place, Lloyd’s registered yachts and motor cruises will have the registration number and tonnage shown on a metal plate. SSR (Small Ship Register) numbers can usually be removed and replaced easily, so they are less reliable as a means of identification, but note them down anyway.

A more proactive method of marking your gear is to tag or chip equipment. This basically involves fitting your equipment with electronic tags and then registering your equipment with the relevant company. In the event equipment does get stolen, then items can be scanned and traced to their original owners. Alternatively, mark everything with your home postcode so it can be identified as yours if found.

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