Additional cover

Additional vehicle cover

You can add cover for up to three additional vehicles for you or other drivers living at the same address. Make sure other drivers at your address enjoy the added peace of mind when driving their own car when covered under your policy.

Personal cover

By adding personal cover, you have the reassurance that your cover is extended for any car you and your spouse/partner (or nominated driver aged 50 or over living at the same address) drive or travel in, anywhere in the UK

Saga Breakdown Repair

When you call for help under your Saga Breakdown Assistance, this additional cover option will help towards the cost of parts and garage labour to help get you back on the road.

Our cover includes:

  • Costs of up to £500 per claim, for up to five claims per year
  • A wide range of parts including those associated with the most common causes of breakdown such as batteries, starter motors and alternators
  • An excess of only £25 per claim.
Breaking down can be a hassle and unexpected repair costs can make it even more stressful. To help reduce the stress, and for extra peace of mind, call us on 0800 015 4752 to add Saga Breakdown Repair to your Saga Breakdown Assistance policy.

Important information

Please note that Saga Breakdown Repair is only available for the main vehicle on your Saga Breakdown Assistance policy, not for any additional vehicles you may have covered and no claim can be made for the first 14 days of cover. Unfortunately it is not available for those who live in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.