Cover at a glance

The table below outlines what's included with each level of cover.

Home Call
National Recovery
Roadside repair - if you are at least 1/4 of a mile from your home, you only pay the costs of any parts fitted

Puncture repair - for your car, or your caravan/trailer when you are towing

Recovery - of your car, yourself and up to five passengers to any destination of your choice within ten miles of the breakdown

National Recovery - similar to Recovery above but to anywhere in the UK

Home Call - assistance at your home, or within 1/4 of a mile of your home

Driver Care - we will give you a hire car or overnight accommodation if you cannot use your car

European Cover - in 39 countries across the European Union and beyond, for cars up to 16 years old

Holiday Departure Cover - if you are going on holiday, cover to get you to your departure point and recover your car to anywhere in the UK, for cars up to 16 years old

For the full policy features and benefits please see our Policy Book