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Tips, advice and fraud prevention

At Saga we are constantly working on detecting insurance fraud which helps us to protect you from paying more for your insurance.

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Tips, advice and fraud prevention

Please see below for more information on our fraud prevention measures, some frequently asked questions and helpful motoring hints and tips.

Preventing fraud

What Saga is doing to prevent fraud and how you can be involved.

Frequently asked questions

A list of all the questions that we are asked most often.

If you take personal cover you are covered for a breakdown in any car that you are driving or travelling in, anywhere in the UK.

If you take additional vehicle cover, you can add up to three more cars to your policy, provided they are kept at the same address as yours.

With all our cover levels the car is covered for anyone providing they have a full UK or EU driving licence and they are driving it with your permission.

We treat running out of fuel as a breakdown on all five levels of cover. So, you are covered if you run out of fuel, subject to the cover limits that apply to your chosen cover level.

Your caravan or trailer will be recovered to the same destination as your car, according to the level of cover you have chosen. If you have Premier cover and are driving within the EU, we will recover your car and caravan/trailer back to the UK.

Tyre changes due to punctures are included in every level of cover if the puncture happens while you are on the road. With Home Call, Comprehensive and Premier you are also covered for punctures at your home address.