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Fully comprehensive car insurance

Be confident you’re covered with Comprehensive insurance
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Defaqto 5 star rating 2021

Fully Comprehensive car insurance with a 3-year fixed price

When you want to enjoy the open road, but you know you need reliable insurance to give you the freedom you need, we make it easy to understand the ins and outs of Comprehensive car insurance. We spell out the basics so you can choose the right cover, tailored to you.

What is fully Comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance, also known as fully Comprehensive or fully Comp insurance, offers the highest level of protection for you and your vehicle.

  • If you damage your car, someone else’s car, or someone is injured in an accident, Comprehensive car insurance pays out regardless of who is to blame
  • As well as insuring you against fire and theft, it often includes cover for your belongings inside your car, a courtesy car to use if yours is being repaired after an accident, and vandalism cover
  • Exact levels of cover will depend on the policy you choose, so you should always read the policy details to ensure you choose the best cover to suit your needs.

Comprehensive cover isn’t always the most expensive option, although people often assume this; it’s always worth comparing quotes for different types of policy.

How does Comprehensive insurance differ from third party insurance?

As a legal minimum in the UK, in order to drive a car on the road you must have third party insurance.

This only covers damage to a third party, whether that’s another vehicle, a building or a person, and not the cost of repairing or replacing your car. Third Party, Fire and Theft also provides cover for damage to your car following fire or theft.

The difference between Comprehensive and third party insurance is that unlike third party, Comprehensive covers accidental damage to your own vehicle as well as to a third party.

Do you need Comprehensive car insurance?

Although you don’t legally need Comprehensive cover to drive your car in the UK, you should carefully consider the impact of not having it.

  • Without Comprehensive insurance, you’ll need to cover any costs of repair or replacement to your vehicle if it’s involved in an accident
  • Holding only the minimum cover for your vehicle means that this might cost you more at a later date, for example if you are involved in an accident where the fault isn’t clear.

Having the right Comprehensive car insurance gives you peace of mind against most issues, and certainly gives you more protection than other insurance options. It's a good idea to check your policy documents to make sure you have the cover you need.

What does Comprehensive insurance cover?

Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to yourself and your car, as well as paying a third party if you’re involved in an accident that is deemed to be your fault. You can also claim in cases where fault can’t be established.

At Saga we offer two different levels of Comprehensive car insurance for over 50s, Saga Plus and Saga Select.

  • Saga Plus includes lots of great features as standard, offering Comprehensive insurance with added extras, including our 3-year fixed price offer so your premium won’t change unless you do
  • Saga Select offers no-nonsense cover with fewer features than Saga Plus, but the same great customer service.

And with Saga Plus, you’re free to cancel at any time with no cancellation fees to pay.

Compare the two levels of cover:

Cover and benefits Saga Select Saga Plus
3-year fixed price – you can expect to pay the same price for 3 years if the policy details stay the same – even after most claims, based on claims made in 2019 and 2020 (T&Cs apply) No Yes
Claims promise – your NCD while you stay with Saga will not be affected by claims caused by theft, fire, storm, flood, animal damage or if your vehicle is hit while parked No Yes
Uninsured driver cover – if your car’s hit by an uninsured driver, as long as it isn’t your fault (and you have their car reg and the accident details), we’ll refund any excess you’ve paid. And it won’t affect your No Claim Discount Yes Yes
Key protection – we'll cover up to £2,500 per claim, and with us, you will even get up to £50 for wear and tear. You won't have to pay an excess and your NCD won't be affected Optional Yes
Onward taxi travel – if damage to your car means you can’t continue your journey after an accident in the UK, we’ll arrange a taxi to take you to any destination in the country – with as many stops as you need No Yes
Accident Healthcare cover – if you or your spouse or partner is injured in a road accident in the UK, we’ll give you eligible private medical treatment (up to £1 million) No Yes
Legal Protection – we'll cover up to £100,000 of legal costs to recover uninsured losses after an accident in the UK that's not your fault, if the legal team believes you can win your case Optional Yes

Get a quote for Saga Car Insurance today.

What isn’t covered by Comprehensive car insurance?

Although Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of cover, there may be some things that still aren’t covered within a standard policy.

For Saga customers, Comprehensive insurance will not cover:

  • Your car being stolen when you’ve left it unlocked
  • Loss or damage due to war, terrorism, earthquake or radioactivity
  • Damage you or anyone named on your certificate of insurance has done deliberately
  • Your compulsory and voluntary excesses.

More information can be found in our Policy Books.

What affects the price of Comprehensive car insurance?

The more cover you request, generally the more it costs. You can choose the level of Comprehensive insurance you want based on your needs and add in optional extras if they are relevant.

All costs are determined by a number of factors including:

  • The type and age of the car you drive, and how many miles you drive in a year
  • Your age and years of driving experience, any history of driving convictions, and whether you have made previous insurance claims in the past
  • Where you live and work, where you store your car at night and whether it has an alarm or immobiliser
  • How much you agree to pay as a compulsory excess, plus any voluntary excess and optional extras you choose.

Find the Comprehensive cover that’s right for you.
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Comprehensive insurance FAQs

Insurance providers look at a number of different factors to determine the price of comprehensive insurance premiums. These include your address, occupation, annual mileage, driving history and car.

By using the information you supply to them, insurers determine how much of a risk you pose to them and so how much it will cost to insure you.

You can get a personalised Saga Car Insurance quote online.

Not all policies are the same, but most will offer financial protection against fire, theft and accidental damage, plus liability for damage to third party vehicles and their occupants.

You will likely also be covered for personal injury, windscreen damage and personal possessions. You may also get cover for a courtesy car, breakdown cover or a number of optional extras such as legal cover.

Saga Select includes uninsured driver cover, emergency driver cover and unlimited European driving with optional Key Protection, Increased Personal Accident, Legal Protection and Replacement Car Extension for Theft and Total Loss.

Saga Plus has lots of great features as standard, and with a 3-year fixed price:

  • Onward taxi travel - if you have an accident in the UK and your car's too damaged to drive, we'll arrange a taxi to take you anywhere in the country — with as many stops as you need
  • Medical treatment after an accident - if you (or your spouse or partner) is injured in a road accident in the UK, we'll organise eligible private medical treatment for you to to £1 million
  • Legal protection - up to £100,000 to help you recover uninsured losses (for example compensation for an accident in the UK that wasn't your fault), as long as our legal team thinks you can win the case
  • Key protection - we'll cover up to £2,500 per claim, including up to £50 for wear and tear. There's no excess to pay and claiming won't affect your NCD
  • Emergency any-driver cover - if you have a medical emergency during a journey, any driver can take over or bring your car back home
  • Unlimited European driving - you're also covered when you're driving in the EU (some restrictions apply).

Having fully comprehensive insurance on your own car doesn’t automatically give you the same level of cover on any car.

With Saga Comprehensive Insurance, you are covered to drive other cars not owned or insured by you or your spouse/partner, on a third-party basis, provided you have the owner’s permission and the vehicle has insurance in its own right.

Saga policies cover you for theft and damage caused by attempted theft, unless:

  • your vehicle is not fully locked and secured
  • the keys and/or any other device(s) that unlock and/or start your vehicle are in, on or next to your vehicle while it is left unattended and/or unoccupied

Windscreen cover is included with both Saga Plus and Saga Select. And if you claim for this it won’t affect your No Claim Discount. As long as you use one of our approved repairers, and they don’t need to replace your windscreen, you won’t even have to pay for it. If your windscreen does need repairing, and you use an approved repairer, you will only pay a £75 excess.