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Over 70s car insurance

Having a car is a great way to maintain your independence and carry on doing all the things you enjoy.
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Defaqto 5 star rating 2021

Car insurance for the over 70s

  • Protected No Claim Discount - It’s taken years of careful driving to build up your no claims. If you have four or more years of No Claim Discount, we'll protect it against two fault claims in a three-year period.
  • Emergency any driver cover - If you have a medical emergency when you're driving, any driver can take over or drive your car home.
  • Onward taxi travel - If you have an accident in the UK and your car's too damaged to drive, we'll arrange a taxi to take you wherever you were heading (within the UK) and all the places you might have been going to in between.
  • Guaranteed replacement car - We’ll give you a replacement car while yours is being repaired after an accident anywhere in the UK, or until it’s declared a total loss (if you use our repairer network).
  • Child car seat cover - If you keep a child’s car seat in your car for when you’re driving the grandchildren around it’ll be replaced following a accident – even if there’s no apparent damage.
  • Driver confidence course - If you’ve got Legal Protection (included with Saga Plus – optional with other cover levels) and you lose confidence in your driving for any reason, we’ll pay for up to four hours of driver confidence coaching to help you get back on the road.
  • 3-year fixed price - If you choose the Saga Plus cover level, your price will be stay the same for the next two renewals, unless changes are made to your cover, for example you change your car, move house, make a fault claim, get a driving conviction or Insurance Premium Tax changes (T&C apply - find out more).

Our policies are underwritten by several different insurers. We handpick these companies very carefully, and make sure they have the same high standards of quality and service as we do. If you buy a policy from us you'll see the name of the underwriter in your policy documents.

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Insurance for older drivers

Driving isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s about maintaining your independence, your self-esteem and enabling you to stay in contact with friends and family. The IAM Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile survey published in 2017 reports that driving is very or extremely important to 82% of the over 2,600 people who were surveyed.

There’s no maximum legal age for driving in the UK, so you’re free to continue driving as long as you are fit enough to do so. Increasing numbers of over 70s are on the roads nowadays. In fact, according to the Government's Transport Survey, in 2020 77% of adults aged 70 and over in England held a driving licence, versus 57% in 2010, and just 40% 20 years ago.

Choosing car insurance for over 70s

As a mature driver, you have different needs to the younger generation, so you’ll want to choose the best car insurance to suit you now.

When getting quotes and comparing cover, it’s important to look at the benefits of each type of policy to ensure it meets your requirements.

Does the cost of car insurance go up at 70?

There’s no easy answer to this commonly asked question. As with any age group, the price you’ll pay for your car insurance will depend on the car you drive, where it’s kept and the people who drive it. You may have many years’ No Claim Discount and experience behind the wheel, which will help to keep your premium down. However, after the age of 70, the average insurance premium does start to increase as the cost and frequency of claims rises.

To help with budgeting and to avoid yearly increases, you could choose our Saga Plus cover level which comes with our 3-year fixed price feature. As long as no changes are made to your policy, such as changing your car, moving house or getting points on your licence, the price you pay will be frozen for the next two renewals. Your price will even stay the same after most claims! See more information and all the T&Cs.

Driving over the age of 70

Renewing your driving licence

About 90 days before your 70th birthday, the DVLA will send you a letter to ask you to renew your driving licence. There’s no need to retake your test, you just need to return a form, either the paper or online version. When you renew your licence, you’re confirming to the DVLA that you’ve no medical conditions that you need to tell them about and that your eyesight meets the minimum requirements. You’ll need to renew your licence every three years.

Meeting the eyesight requirements

If you’re approaching the time to renew your licence, it’s a good idea to make use of your free NHS eye test to ensure you have the correct prescription spectacles, if you need them.

It’s illegal to drive if you can’t read a number plate from 20 metres away, you can wear glasses for this. Not wearing your glasses – or wearing glasses with the wrong prescription – could invalidate your car insurance.

Declaring medical conditions to the DVLA

You’ll need to let the DVLA know if you have any medical conditions that could affect your driving. It’s not necessary to inform them of all conditions, look at the Government’s list of health conditions for full details. If you have one of these health conditions, you might be concerned that it’ll automatically stop you from driving, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on the condition, it might be that you must take a driving assessment to prove you’re safe to drive.

Failing to declare medical conditions to the DVLA could invalidate your insurance policy, and if you were to have an accident as a result of your condition, you could face a fine of up to £1,000 or even imprisonment.

Unless the DVLA restricts your driving or removes your licence, there’s no need to tell Saga about any medical conditions.

How confident are you on the road?

It's probably been a while since you passed your driving test. If you're at all concerned about how safely you're driving, or decide you'd like a refresher, you could arrange a driving assessment course. Organisations, including RoSPA and the IAM, provide driver assessments where you'd drive for an hour or so, in your own car, on roads you're familiar with so they can give you a report on your driving and advice on how you could improve your skills or drive more safely. It's not a test but a way to check your driving ability and make changes to the way you drive so you can be safer on the roads. Find a driver assessment near you.

If you lose confidence in your driving, perhaps due to having an accident, we can help you to arrange up to four hours of driver confidence coaching with the AA. Driver confidence courses are available to customers who have Legal Protection – included as standard with our Saga Plus cover level or optional with other cover levels.

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