Cover at a glance

Saga Caravan Insurance offers two types of cover for your caravan. New for old cover* for caravans up to 15 years old and Market value cover (cover based on your caravan's current second hand value). 

The table below outlines what's included in both types of cover:

Contents and personal belongings cover

Up to £1,500 (based on their market value)

Recovery and delivery costs

Up to £3,500

Loss of use cover

£175 per day up to 15 days (max £2,625)

Lending your caravan to friends and family
Personal accident cover

Up to £20,000

Vandalism cover
European cover

Optional Extra

*To qualify for 'new for old' caravan cover:

● You must have owned the caravan for at least 2 years if it is over 5 years old;
● The sum insured must be maintained at the new for old replacement cost for the caravan;
● The caravan must be serviced annually, if over 5 years old.