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Discounts and excesses

Here at Saga, we’re happy to be able to offer a range of discounts and savings to our caravan insurance customers.
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Discounts and excesses

We are pleased to give you the opportunity to take advantage of a range of discounts and other ways to cut the cost of your cover.

Storage discount

When your caravan’s not in use, if you store it at a site that’s been awarded a CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) Gold Award, we’ll give you up to 10% off your premium. If it’s stored at a CaSSOA Silver or Bronze-awarded site, you’ll get up to 5% off.

Security discounts

If any of the following security items are fitted to your caravan, we’ll give you up to 10% off for each item (subject to a minimum premium):

  • Cobra 2111 and 2112
  • Cobra Connex
  • Cobra Trak 5, Trak Q and Trak Q Attivo
  • M-Track
  • Metis GPS
  • Phantom Proactive with movement sensor (Phantom Target is not accepted)
  • RAC Trackstar Plus
  • Tracker Monitor
  • Thief Beaters Identification Kit
  • Tyron Wheel Safety Bands
  • Electronic Anti-snaking Control System

No Claim Discount

If you have four or more years’ No Claim Discount, you’ll automatically get the maximum 20% discount when you switch to Saga.

Save more with your choice of excess

Saga’s standard excess is £50 – this is the amount you contribute towards the cost of a claim. But, with us you can choose to increase this amount and reduce your premium instead.

Please note, your policy is subject to a minimum premium after all discounts have been applied.