No cracks or leaks in our insurance cover

Experience has taught you to be a careful customer. You are more likely to opt for considered purchases over impulse buys. Yet unfortunately, even with the most careful plans in place there are still some niggly things that can catch you out. Luckily, we’ve learned from your experiences. So, we’ve removed cancellation fees and increased the cover levels for Saga Plus customers.

Home guard

You’ve insulated the roof, serviced the boiler, secured the door and window locks in your home and popped fresh batteries in the smoke detector.

Now it’s time to settle into a nice warm bath as a reward for all your efforts. Splosh! Splash! There’s a sneaky leak somewhere. Blame the old pipes or the big freeze but escape of water is the most common home insurance claim in the UK. Thankfully we can help get your house back in order and stop your 3-year fixed price from being washed away too. Find out more 

Motor maintenance

Your car is in immaculate condition and your driving style is exemplary. You obey the Highway Code and are courteous to bikers, cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists.

Now you’re out for a scenic drive through the countryside. Whack! Crack! How can such a tiny pebble cause such a big problem? Shattered windscreens are one of the most common incidents on UK roads and can cause serious issues. Stones can easily smash your windscreen, but we’ll make sure they don’t chip away at your 3-year fixed price or affect your No Claim Discount. Find out more 

Saga insurance extras as standard

Saga Plus customers get their 3-year fixed price protected and we’ll even include qualifying claims within the current policy year when renewing.

Improvements to Saga Plus home and car insurance policies mean our customers’ renewal price and Saga NCD on car insurance will not be affected by most claims for the remainder of the 3-year period.

Saga Plus car insurance comes with 3-year fixed price cover – your premium won't change unless you do, as we fix the price for your next two renewals (terms and conditions apply). And the only thing that's fixed is your price, which means you're free to cancel at any time with no cancellation fees to pay.

Saga Plus Claims Promise

For Saga Plus customers, most claims won't affect your fixed price* or No Claim Discount. Many types of claim that should have affected your NCD previously will no longer do so while you stay with us.

What’s the difference between NCD and Saga NCD?

NCD is the price reduction you get per year for not claiming on your car insurance. You usually earn one year’s NCD for every claim-free year. Your Saga NCD is the discount you build up with us. For Saga Plus customers this is now enhanced by our Claims Promise so there are even more types of claim that will not affect you. If you switch provider, you lose the benefit of Claims Promise.

What does this mean for you?

Simply, if you have a Saga Plus policy, most claims won’t result in your premium going up while you are still within the fixed price period. So you can get back to experiencing the good things in life.

If you'd like a little more detail, have a look at the tables below to see which claims now don't affect your NCD and your fixed price with us.

Our policies are unique products designed by us specifically for our customers. They are underwritten by a number of carefully selected insurers that provide high standards of quality and service.

Saga Plus car insurance
Type of claim Saga NCD not affected 3-year fixed price not affected
Hit while parked new new
Theft/attempted theft new new
Fire new new
Storm new new
Flood new new
Animal damage new new
Uninsured driver    
Broken glass in windscreen, windows or (non-panoramic) sunroof    
Saga Plus home insurance
Type of claim 3-year fixed price not affected
Storm damage new
Flood damage new
Fire damage new
Water leak new
Theft/attempted theft new
 Personal belongings
 Accidental damage

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