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From boundary wrangles to breach of contract, legal expenses cover is there to help you deal with the sticking points of disputes when representation could otherwise prove costly. Saga's cover provides freephone advice lines for help with legal and tax queries, fraud and scams. You can also get help with issues that may affect your wellbeing such as bereavement, relationship issues or work stress. You can add legal expenses cover to your building, contents, or combined insurance. It may help with the cost of advice and representation in cases of identity theft, personal injury, clinical negligence, property protection and employment.

Did you know?
  • Legal expenses claims don’t need to be disclosed as claims on your home insurance and they won’t affect your premium
  • Freephone advice lines are available 24/7.
  • There is no excess to pay.
  • Cover applies to all family members permanently living at your home, including any students living away temporarily.
  • We cover loss of earnings when called for jury service.
How does it work?
  • If you make a claim for a legal dispute, we’ll check to make sure your situation is covered by your policy. If it is, your claim will be accepted.
  • We’ll appoint a solicitor to assess your case. If they feel there’s a reasonable chance of you winning your case, proceedings will begin.
  • If it is determined that your case is unlikely to win, then legal proceedings won’t be covered. However, you will still be able to benefit from further legal advice by using the Legal Helpline.
  • Once we’re ready to continue, a solicitor will be appointed to act on your behalf. At the point where legal proceedings are about to start, you may instead use your own solicitor if you prefer. 
  • Saga’s Legal Expenses cover is underwritten by Amtrust Europe Limited. The Online Safety Support Service is managed and administered by Arc Legal Assistance Limited.

Legal costs up to £100,000 for a range of legal disputes

*Here are some successful claims our customers have made using their Legal Expenses cover:

Case Study – dispute over boundary wall and damage caused by neighbour’s trees

Our customer had a boundary wall with their neighbour’s property which had collapsed. The insured had obtained both a surveyor’s and a structural engineer’s report confirming that the trees on the neighbour’s property were the cause of the collapse, which the neighbour refused to accept. The customer notified us and Arc Legal appointed a panel solicitor to act on the customer’s behalf. After reviewing the reports and discussions with the neighbour’s representatives, Arc’s solicitor achieved a settlement of £79,266 for our customer.

Did you know?

Unlike some solicitors or firms, Arc Legal will not retain any portion of a settlement or award after winning a case.

Case Study – faulty installation of bathroom and subsequent contract ignored

Our customer had issues with the installation of a new bathroom, including the wrong tiles being fitted, leaking pipes and delays to the work being completed. The insured sent several emails and even asked the company director to come and view the work. The company did not respond, so the customer issued a Letter Before Court Action in a final attempt to get an answer. As no response was received, the customer contacted us and Arc Legal appointed a panel solicitor on their behalf. The solicitor was able to negotiate a settlement of £18,000.

Did you know?

You can download a Letter Before Court Action for free from Citizens Advice. If a trader has stopped responding to your complaint this letter warns them of your intention to take the matter further and is typically the last step before legal proceedings.

Case Study – insured dismissed from role after disclosing a disability

Our customer had spent six years working on a seasonal contract before being transferred to a new posting. After a few shifts their new duty manager said they were no longer required as it was “not working out”. The insured believed that this was due to disclosing their disability and followed the grievance process. The employer said there was no case to answer. The insured then contacted ACAS for early conciliation, but this was also unsuccessful. The customer then contacted us. Arc Legal agreed they could appoint their own solicitor for the employment tribunal, and they were able to negotiate a settlement of £30,000.

Did you know?

You must try to reach a settlement through early conciliation with ACAS before issuing an employment claim at the tribunal. Under your insurance policy, Arc will cover fees for representation in early conciliation.

*All case studies have been shared with consent from the customer.

Legal Expenses helplines

We have set up advice lines specifically to help with legal issues, cyber security and to support you and your family.

Saga 24-hour Legal and Tax Advice Helpline – 0800 141 3321 (or from abroad  +44 1303 206 010)
Specialists are available to give confidential advice on matters such as property disputes, consumer law, and the tax implications of investments, property, trusts, inheritance and pensions among others. There is no limit on the number of calls you can make.

Lifestyle Counselling Helpline – 0344 770 1036
This service can help deal with a range of issues and problems that often impact on everyday life. Topics include work relationships, childcare issues, consumer issues, stress, health and fitness.

Fraud and Scam Helpline Service  This service is open to all Saga customers who need advice about avoiding scams or fraud. Phones are operated by Citizens Advice-trained specialists for information and signposting to other services, or to BACP-accredited counsellors for emotional support. Just phone 0800 656 9921. If you are a Saga Home Insurance customer and you have legal expenses cover, please call 0800 092 0809.

If you're a Saga Home Insurance customer and would like to add legal expenses cover to your policy, call 0800 068 3410

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