Saga Travel Insurance is officially recognised for its medically inclusive cover

With signs on the horizon of holidays becoming a reality again and the announcement of green-light destinations overseas, many people are looking forward to getting away. One of the many things we’ve learnt in the past year is how quickly things can change and that when the chips are down, you want all the help you can get. That’s why having wide-ranging travel insurance is a must when travelling – and even more so these days. However, it’s not always simple to get the cover you want and need, especially if you’ve got an ongoing or serious health issue.

Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority issued a statement about the matter. The FCA highlighted that it was far from easy for people with pre-existing health conditions to get quotes for travel insurance. They could be declined at the end of a lengthy quote process, given cover for everything but their underlying condition or offered a premium that was unaffordable. As a result, measures have been introduced to make things easier for people with a serious or ongoing medical history.

How are things improving?

The great news is that since April 2021, all travel insurance providers must offer guidance to people with serious health conditions to make their search for travel insurance less frustrating. Crucially, during the quote process, providers must direct customers to an approved directory of 30 or so UK companies that fulfil the FCA’s criteria in offering cover for more complicated circumstances. We are delighted that Saga is one of the designated companies in the directory thanks to our experience and breadth of cover, as well as undergoing a rigorous selection process to demonstrate our specialism.

See the full Money Advice Service Travel Directory.

At Saga, our travel insurance has been designed to be more inclusive when it comes to health matters. We automatically cover thousands of everyday medical conditions, and we understand that, naturally, once you’re over 50, you’ve simply had more time to experience a wider range of medical matters. We’re not put off by things such as diabetes, heart complaints, cancers and high blood pressure, and we see our customers as individuals rather than risks on a spreadsheet.

Saga Travel Insurance is only available to people over 50 and is underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch.

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