Changing policy details mid-term? You won’t pay an admin fee!

Things are always changing – you buy a new car, you move house, you might want someone else to be insured to drive your vehicle. It’s all just part of life. Adjustments like these rarely coincide with your insurance renewal dates, but it’s important to make your provider aware of them as soon as they arise. This is to ensure you remain fully covered if you need to make a claim further down the line.

An everyday amendment to your policy, such as a notification of changing your car usually incurs an administration fee. The amount of this fee varies from provider to provider –at Saga, it has historically been set at £25 for each change on a motor insurance policy and £14.50 on home insurance.

Fees are never popular with customers and you may not necessarily be aware that these fees are payable or even being charged when you make changes to your policy, but where they are part of the terms of business, this will be outlined in your policy schedule.

The great news is that we have now removed the administration fees from all Saga Insurance products! We know you don’t like these extra charges and we don’t like putting any sort of dampener on your interactions with our friendly customer service teams. The first product to have the fees removed was Saga Home Insurance, and we’ve recently taken the step of scrapping them from Saga Car Insurance too. We’re over the moon to be one of the only insurers to have made such a positive move for our customers – it’s just one of the many great benefits of being with Saga.

Examples of the changes you can make to your car insurance policy without being charged an administration fee:

  • Tell us if you change your car or have it modified in any way.
  • Notify us about adding a new driver, changing the main driver, changing job, or receiving penalty points.
  • Let us know when you move house or gain or lose a garage or off-street parking.
  • Inform us if you need to add or change business use or start using your vehicle for commuting.
  • You can also make changes to your policy online by logging in to your MySaga account. Find out more in the Online Self Serve section of the customer hub.

Some of the changes you can make to your home insurance policy without paying an administration fee:

  • Change to postal address or address of the insured property.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of your insurance.
  • Alterations to your home, such as building a conservatory.
  • Notify us if your home is likely to be empty for longer than stated on your policy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to pay additional costs when you contact us about a change, because upgrading your car or upscaling your property mid-term has the potential to increase your premium on a pro rata basis. But at least you’ll know you’re not being charged for the virtual or physical paperwork.

Join other satisfied customers

We’ve recently been recognised for our high levels of customer trust, claims satisfaction, customer satisfaction and customer service in the Consumer Intelligence Awards 2021, voted for by 48,000 consumers, so if you need to contact us about a Saga policy, you can be confident you’ll be in great hands. Call our friendly teams on the number in your policy documents. You can also make some simple changes to your car insurance policy by logging into your MySaga account.

And if you want to find out more about our other insurance products, return to the customer hub to find current offers for new car and home insurance policies that you can take advantage of.

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