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How many of us have bought new kitchen gadgets we’ve seen advertised on television or raved about in magazines, only to find they’re not actually as good or as useful as we’ve been led to believe? Probably most of us. Until we’ve taken something out of the box and tried it in our own homes, it’s difficult to know whether it’s going to be a permanent addition or a gimmick that soon ends up in the back of a cupboard!

That’s part of the reason why we’ve teamed up with technology business Skyrad to bring you the Pippa pilot scheme. We want to give 200 of our insurance customers an opportunity to try a brand new piece of kitchen kit, called Pippa, to see if it’s a keeper. It won’t cost you a penny and – this is the other great thing about taking part in this pilot scheme – it could help you avoid having to make a claim on your home insurance. Pippa acts as a fire-prevention device as well as a cooking assistant when paired up with an app.

What is Pippa?

It’s a neat bit of kit to prevent kitchen fires – and it’s been developed following years of research by the creator actually sparking kitchen fires! You just stick it to the wall above your hob and it warns you about fire risks before, during and after cooking. It’s a bit like a smoke alarm, but rather than telling you there’s a fire, it alerts you that one could be about to start. It does this by using a thermal-imaging sensor and artificial intelligence to look out for cooking hazards like these:

  • Your pan is about to burn.
  • The oil is getting hot enough to catch fire.
  • A pan you left simmering has boiled dry.
  • You forgot to turn the hob off after you finished cooking.
  • You left something on the hob that’s started to ignite.

Even before the first whiff of a hazard, Pippa will give you a spoken warning telling you what the danger is. If you don’t respond or are out of hearing range, Pippa will then sound an alarm. The device can also be set to phone or text you, a friend, family member or carer about the situation.

Improve fire safety in your – or a loved one’s – home

Of all fires that occur accidentally in the home, cooking fires are the main cause. They are responsible for 48% of accidental dwelling fires.

Pippa’s heat sensor monitors cooking temperatures and warns you if they’re approaching dangerous levels, or if there are any other objects on your hob that could be about to burn or ignite, giving you time to avoid a disaster. At Saga we’re used to dealing with home insurance claims following fires, but we’d obviously much rather you stayed safe and not find yourself in the position of having to make a claim for what could be preventable damage to your home.

Cook to perfection with Pippa

The safety aspect of Pippa is a natty invention in itself and we hope if you’re taking part in our pilot scheme you’ll find it a useful and reassuring addition to your kitchen. But there’s a fun side to this new technology too. We’d like some of the participants to be keen cooks because, when paired with your smartphone, you can use the device as an interactive cooking assistant.

Using this feature, Pippa will help you become a master at making golden pancakes, cook medium-rare steaks every time or poach eggs to perfection. It does this by instructing you on the ideal pan temperature, guiding you through the cooking time and telling you when to turn your steak or flip your pancake. It can also talk you through how to cook tricky meals with its built-in recipe guide.

How to take part in our Pippa pilot scheme

If you’d like to join other Saga customers in being one of the first to try Pippa in your own home, click the button below to be taken to a sign-up page. You have until 1 August 2021 to sign up. You’ll be asked to enter some details and these will only be used for London-based business Skyrad to contact you. If you are selected for the trial, they will do this by phone or email three months after you’ve received your Pippa to see how you’re getting on.

Not everyone who signs up will receive a Pippa device as Skyrad will select 200 Saga Insurance customers at random from those who apply. If your name is chosen, Skyrad will contact you via email by 7 August 2021. If you’re not selected, you’ll receive an email letting you know and will then be given the option to be contacted about any future Pippa releases.

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