There are many ways we, as companies and individuals, can do our bit to help the people of Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues.

Group CEO of Saga plc Euan Sutherland said in early March, “I’m sure like me, you are deeply saddened and feeling desperately helpless regarding the invasion of Ukraine. The situation is utterly incomprehensible, and seeing the devastation and suffering that is taking place, whilst our lives carry on, is difficult and heart-breaking.

As a business, we made an immediate donation to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. This donation will help towards providing food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter.”

Working with another Folkestone-based company, Saga has also organised a collection point for colleagues to donate items and invited them to use their paid-for volunteering time to help get the donations packed and loaded for transport to the Poland’s border with Ukraine.

Saga is a member of The Association of British Insurers (ABI), which was swift to announce that it and its members fully support UK government sanctions. Saga Insurance and other ABI members have been quick to respond to also make things easier for customers who are helping in any way with Ukrainian refugee humanitarian efforts.

Home insurance

Are you registered with the government Homes for Ukraine scheme?

If you’ve registered with the Homes for Ukraine scheme and are waiting to welcome those fleeing Ukraine into your home (or have already done so), we don’t want your home insurance with Saga to be an issue. If you have a Saga Plus, Saga Select or Saga TailorMade policy:

  • You do not need to inform us or update your policy because you are a sponsor and have opened your home to Ukrainian refugees. This also applies to non-Ukrainian refugees, provided they have official refugee status as determined by the Home Office.
  • Those who come through the scheme to live with you are considered ‘family members’ in the terms of your policy book wording. The refugees you welcome into your home are not regarded as lodgers or tenants and your cover won’t be affected. As ‘family members’, their belongings are covered like yours as standard.

As with all policies, there are existing rules or ‘exclusions’ apply for all members of your household. For example, damage caused by malicious acts or vandalism by anybody lawfully in your home is not covered.

This advice applies for the first 12 months of any Ukrainian refugees living with you. As this is an ongoing crisis, we will be closely monitoring the situation and respond as needed. Check back here regularly for any updates.

Want to register as a sponsor? Visit the Homes for Ukraine website and there are some FAQs on the Government website.

Are you a landlord with a vacant property or do you have a second home?

The changes to our home insurance are for those customers housing Ukrainian refugees in their main home. If you wish to offer the use of another property that you don’t live in through the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you do need to speak to our team.

Saga Car Insurance

Are you using your car to help?

If you volunteer to help with humanitarian aid and use your vehicle to transport items or drive people about, you are covered under your motor insurance policy with Saga. Our policies have always provided cover for customers to use their vehicle in relation to voluntary work with a UK-registered voluntary or charitable organisation, and this is confirmed within our policy books.

If you’re delivering aid by car to Europe, you are still covered for driving as usual in 35+ European countries. There’s no limit to the number of days you can drive in Europe with Saga Plus and Select and you have up to 90 days with Saga Standard during your policy year. You don’t need a Green Card for any of the European countries listed in your policy book. These are:

Andorra Austria Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Iceland
Italy Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Monaco Montenegro Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal (inc. Madeira)
Republic of Cyprus Republic of Ireland Romania
San Marino Serbia Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden

Saga Travel Insurance

As always, Saga Travel Insurance only provides cover for areas that are not affected by advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Currently, the FCDO advises against all travel to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. So, as it stands, we are not providing quotes or policies for anyone wishing to travel to these countries. The latest government information can be found on their website.

Find out more ways you can help on the Government website

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