Earlier this year, we became a Which? Recommended Provider of both home and car insurance. To celebrate we’re running a prize draw for new customers to win back the cost of their policy, up to £500 each. Read on to find out why this means so much to us here at Saga and why it’s such a huge deal.

Which recommended provider of car insurance      Which recommended provider of home insurance


Which? has been an independent consumer champion since 1957, and there aren’t many products it hasn’t thoroughly reviewed and tested during this time, everything from ketchup to contraceptives. When it comes to services like insurance, the people at Which? investigate and assess what companies offer, and those that cut the mustard become a Which? Recommended Provider.

The height of impartiality

We can’t lobby Which? or tell them just how good we think our car and home insurance is. The granting of Which? Recommended Provider status is purely the result of in-house assessments, customer reviews and results gleaned from Which? surveys. The Which? experts even go through the policy small print and terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb to make sure providers are worthy of being recommended.

Why now?

When making its decision, Which? scores companies on their insurance and quality of cover. Over the past year we’ve worked hard to improve our insurance policies with additions such as:

Widely recognised and respected

Why is a Which? Recommended Provider stamp of approval so important? It’s a highly respected and widely recognised appraisal. We spoke to Saga customers recently and 99% of them said they were familiar with Which? and the majority, if faced with otherwise identical products, would plump for the one with Which? Recommended Provider status.

An accreditation worth celebrating

Naturally, we’re thrilled that Saga is now a Which? Recommended Provider of not one, but two types of insurance. To celebrate, our prize draw will give 10 new customers the chance to win back the cost, up to £500, of their home or car insurance policy. Terms and conditions apply.

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