Health Cash Plan benefits

  • We guarantee acceptance, with a straightforward application process, which can cover you and your family.
  • All cover levels include access to a telephone helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Dental care: 75% of cost of check-ups and treatment. £190 £135  £80
Optical care: 75% of cost of eye tests, lenses and laser eye surgery. £190 £135 £80
Hearing aid: 75% of cost towards hearing devices.   £200 £150
Health consultations: 75% of cost of specialist consultations including x-ray and relevant tests.   £350 £250
Therapies: 75% of cost of treatment up to the combined maximum in each policy year.  Includes:  physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and chiropody.
Complementary therapies: 75% of cost of treatment up to the combined maximum in each policy year. Includes: homeopathy and acupuncture.  £200
Hospital day-case surgery: Amount payable per admission up to 10 occasions in each policy year. 


£70 per admision


£50 per admission


£30 per admission

Hospital in-patient: Amount payable per night up to a maximum of 20 nights per episode, up to a maximum of 100 nights in each policy year.


£50 per night


£35 per night


£20 per nght

Recuperation: Lump sum payable automatically with hospital in-patient claim of at least 10 consecutive nights.   £300* £240*
Home help and home nursing: 75% of cost of home help and home nursing up to the combined maximum in each policy year.  £850
Health screening: 75% of cost of health screening.   £250 £200
Allergy testing: 75% of cost of allergy testing at an allergy clinic.  £125
Accidental death benefit.**   £10,000 £7,500
*Children under 18 receive 50% of these benefits

**Children under 18 are not covered by this benefit

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What is not covered?

There is a 13-week qualifying period from when you join before you may claim any benefit under the plan, unless you have a current plan with another provider.

If you, or a person you wish to be covered, has an existing medical condition please declare it on the application form. You will not be able to claim hospital related benefits for treatment of the condition for a period of two years from joining.

If you are looking for a Saga HealthPlan, which can fully cover the cost of private hospital treatment, please see details of our Health Insurance.