Mrs Whitaker from Yorkshire

"Saga took care of absolutely everything.” 

Pam Whitaker, a retired teacher from Yorkshire, discovered that having health insurance gave her the power to decide when and where she received high quality treatment. Pam is insured with Saga and she says that "dealing with Saga was such a great relief, they took care of absolutely everything."

Pam, had always enjoyed walks in the brisk air of the Yorkshire Dales. But a painful hip made her strolls more difficult.

Decide when and where you are treated

Pam saw her GP and was promptly referred to a consultant.

"Days after seeing my GP I had a call from the consultant's office and an appointment was arranged for the very next day."

She decided to have a hip replacement through her Saga Health Insurance cover, but chose not to have the procedure straightaway. Instead, she opted for a time and date that suited her better and the operation was arranged at the hospital of her choice from an extensive list.

"The procedure was planned for July, because I needed it done at a convenient time and before I usually do my work marking A-level papers."

Treatment with home comforts

Pam had the operation at a comfortable, private hospital and recuperated in a quiet, private room that had many home comforts.

"It was like being in a hotel, I had my own room and it was just a really pleasant place with marvellous staff."

"Also, I was able to invite my son and his girlfriend to the hospital for Sunday lunch in my room. Car parking was free and my visitors could come and go as much as I wanted."

Attentive post-operative care

Pam remained in hospital for a few days after the procedure. She was impressed by the care she received.

"At the private hospital, the whole experience was much more personable than what I was used to on the NHS. The nurses seemed to have more time to check on me, to see how I was doing or just stop for a chat."

Why choose Saga?

After leaving hospital Pam continued to have physiotherapy under her Saga HealthPlan Secure. She was pleased by Saga's 'no quibbles' attitude to the costs she claimed for.

"It was such a relief to know that Saga was picking up the tab - I phoned and they just said 'send in the bills', they took care of absolutely everything. Dealing with Saga was such a great relief."

Enjoy the power of choice

You too could enjoy the power of convenience, choice and excellent healthcare enjoyed by retired teacher Pam. 
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