Staying healthy

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Exercise to suit your lifestyle

Exercise is important and regardless of your fitness levels, there are a number of exercises which will suit a variety of different lifestyles.

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A healthy heart

A heart is for life. The good news is that we’re looking after our hearts better, but many of us could do more. Exercise and a balanced diet can help you to look after your heart.

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Staying healthy

It’s important to do all you can in order to keep yourself as fit and active as possible. There are three key areas which can have a positive effect on continuing good health - diet, exercise and lifestyle.

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Health insurance and joint replacement surgery

Whether you’re suffering a long-standing illness, fallen ill, or going over options for the future - your insurance provider should give you a clear indication on what you’re covered for.

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Knee replacement surgery

Knowing what your health insurance covers you for is really important, particularly if you need knee replacement surgery.

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Health insurance and hip replacement surgery

Health insurance can make the world of difference to some people, espeically those who require hip replacement surgery.