Targeted healthcare plans

Our Targeted Healthcare range of plans provide comprehensive private medical cover for common conditions at a significantly lower price than many traditional health insurance policies.

We offer a choice of three plans, with each level increasing the range of conditions eligible for treatment. Simply choose the plan that best suits your own requirements.

Saga Joint Replacement Plan

This plan concentrates on renewing hip, knees and wrists. These procedures usually involve a stay in hospital, so clean, comfortable and quiet surroundings can make a big difference to your recuperation.

Joint replacements can be necessitated by natural wear and deterioration that gradually becomes more uncomfortable over time, or as the result of a sudden fall or injury.

Joint replacements are some of the most beneficial operations in terms of improving a person’s life.  Bad wrists, hips or knees are often painful and can affect your ability to work and undertake everyday tasks. Driving, shopping, gardening, sports activities – even getting up from the chair can become difficult when you lack mobility. This means that having to wait for treatment can be particularly frustrating, inconvenient and painful.

See how this plan compares to the other Saga Targeted Healthcare plans.

Saga Key Treatments Plan

If you would like the extra reassurance of cover that goes beyond joint replacements, Saga Key Treatments may be the perfect plan for you. It covers the following:

Joint replacements - cover for the renewal of hips, knees and wrists.

Eye conditions, including cataracts – cataract surgery, where the cloudy lens is replaced to improve eyesight, is the most common operation performed in the UK, according to the NHS.

Hernias – by covering both inguinal and hiatus hernias, Saga Key Treatments can help you receive treatment for this painful condition quickly.

Gall bladder removal – the build-up of small ‘stones’ in the gall bladder can result in abdominal pain. Nowadays, keyhole surgery is frequently used to make treatment as straightforward as possible, but long delays can mean an uncomfortable wait.

Varicose veins – remedial surgery for this uncomfortable condition is quick and effective, but may involve an NHS wait.

See how this plan compares to the other Saga Targeted Healthcare plans.

Saga Key Treatments + Heart Plan

Saga Key Treatments + Heart includes cover for all the conditions and out-patient treatment provided by Saga Key Treatments and adds full cover for eligible hospital treatment of heart conditions.

Heart conditions – According to the NHS, coronary heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer – causing around 73,000 deaths each year. Less serious heart conditions can still have very detrimental effects on your lifestyle - for example a holiday involving air travel might not be advisable.

Modern heart surgery is more advanced than ever before. The high price of specialist operations, treatment and recuperation is reflected in health insurance premiums. Saga Key Treatments + Heart is therefore more costly than the other two plans in the Targeted Healthcare range but, for many people over 50, the reassurance of having a protected heart is well worth paying for.

See how this plan compares to the other Saga Targeted Healthcare plans.

Out-patient cover

Saga Targeted Healthcare includes a generous out-patient benefit to ensure that you can see a specialist quickly for a prompt diagnosis.  Expensive diagnostic scans, such as CT, MRI and PET, are covered in full when received in a scanning centre shown on the Saga Countrywide Hospital List. What’s more, two of our plans also offer full out-patient cover for specialist and diagnostic tests.

How the plans compare

Benefits Saga Joints Replacement Plan  Saga Key Treatments  Saga Key Treatments + Heart 
 In-patient and day patient treatment
 Prompt admission as a private patient
 Surgeons', anaesthetists' and physicians' fees*
 Accommodation costs
 Operating theatre and nursing costs
 Out-patient treatment
 Specialists' fees*, consultations*, diagnostic tests, practitioner and physiotherapist charges   Up to £500
 CT, MRI, and PET scans**
 Additional details
 Heart conditions
 Saga GP service
 Saga Health Information Line
In-patient cover for complications resulting from eligible treatment
Choice of excess level
Cash benefit alternative to making a joint replacement claim       £2000
Saga Fast Track Appointments Service

 *We pay charges up to the level within the published Schedule of Procedures and Fees. Full details of benefits are shown in the Policy Book.
**PET scans are not required for conditions covered by the Saga Joints Replacement Plan.

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