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Saga Motorhome Insurance

Comprehensive cover for the over 50s – now you can fix your price for three years by choosing our new cover level, Saga Motorhome

Motorhome insurance - now with a 3-year fixed price

Make sure your home on wheels is covered for all your adventures, both in the UK and Europe. And now, we’re offering 3-year fixed price when you choose our top level of cover, Saga Motorhome.

From kitsch campervans to luxurious RVs, Saga motorhome insurance gives you Comprehensive cover that ticks all the boxes. Motorhome insurance may be a legal requirement in the UK, but it also gives you the peace of mind that should something happen while touring, you’ve got the necessary cover in place.

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What’s covered by Saga Motorhome?

  • Onward travel - get to your UK destination by taxi if your motorhome's too damaged to continue your journey after an accident in the UK
  • Receive eligible private medical treatment if you or your spouse/partner is injured in a road traffic accident
  • Legal Protection to help you recover uninsured losses after an accident that’s not your fault.

If nothing changes, why should your price?

Saga Motorhome comes with our new 3-year fixed price feature – if nothing changes, your price will stay the same for the next two renewals. The price is fixed for three years but you’re not tied in. You’re free to leave Saga at renewal should you wish.

Find out how fixed price motorhome insurance works.

Saga Essential – Comprehensive motorhome cover with no fixed price

In addition to Saga Motorhome, we also offer Saga Essential, a slightly more basic level of cover but it’s still Comprehensive. Compare our two cover levels in the table below.

Cover and benefits Saga Essential Saga Motorhome
3-year fixed price– if nothing changes over the next three years, neither will the cost of your policy No Yes
Uninsured driver cover – if an uninsured driver hits your motorhome, through no fault of yours, as long as you supply their vehicle registration and the accident details we'll refund any excess paid and your No Claim Discount won't be reduced Yes Yes
Legal Protection– we'll cover up to £100,000 of legal costs to recover uninsured losses after a non fault accident if the legal team believe you can win your case Optional Yes
Onward travel– if the damage to your motorhome means you can’t continue your journey after an accident in the UK, we’ll offer to arrange a taxi to take you to any necessary UK destinations No Yes
Accident Healthcare cover – we’ll provide you and your spouse/partner with eligible private medical treatment up to £1,000,000 if you’re injured in a road traffic accident. No Yes
Protected No Claim Discount – if you have four or more years’ NCD, we’ll protect it against two fault claims in a three-year period Yes Yes
Who underwrites Saga Motorhome Insurance?

Saga motorhome insurance is underwritten by Acromas Insurance Company Limited. It’s a unique product that we’ve designed specifically for our customers. Together, we’re committed to providing high levels of quality and service.

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