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Saga Motorhome Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? If you have a question about Saga Motorhome Insurance, you may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section. We've made a list of all the questions that we are asked most often, and provided helpful answers as follows:

We now offer a 3-year fixed price feature on our Saga Motorhome cover level. This means we’ll fix this year’s price for the next two renewals, so if you choose to stay next year and there have been no changes, your price will be the same. View terms and conditions and find out more about our 3-year fixed price.

Yes, you can add temporary drivers to your policy for up to a total of 28 days and additional drivers can also be added to your policy, dependent on the drivers details being acceptable to your underwriter. 

To add another driver or temporary driver to your policy, you will need to know the additional driver's name, date of birth and how long they have held their licence. You also need to know if they have had any motoring claims, accidents, incidents or convictions in the last 5 years. If they have had any claims or motoring convictions, you will need to know the date of the incident and what happened/ the conviction code before calling.

If you would like to add a another driver or temporary driver to your policy, please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 904 7763.

Yes, EU cover is included as standard for an unlimited period of time.

If you are travelling to one of the countries we cover as standard (please see below) in the next few days/weeks, you can fill in our online form to request a green card. You will need your policy number to hand when you do this.

If you need a Green Card for any other country e.g. Turkey, Tunisia or Morocco please call us and we may be able to provide one for the dates you are travelling. Please be aware that Green Cards can't be emailed due to the strict formatting requirements so will be received in the post two weeks from the request. Please visit GOV.UK to find out more about traveling abroad and if you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) for the country you will be driving in.

Please click here for a list of countries that we provide cover for driving in.

Your vehicle’s ignition key is covered if it is lost or damaged. Plus, if it is stolen and the person who has taken it is likely to know where your vehicle is, we will also pay to replace the relevant locks.

Please see the Policy Book for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

Yes. You’re covered for the following:

  • up to £1,500 for clothing and personal belongings that you keep in your motorhome, with a maximum of £100 for any one item;
  • up to £500 for camping equipment and gas cylinders kept near your motorhome, with a maximum of £100 for any one item;
  • up to £1,500 for awnings;
  • up to £700 for television and audio equipment, with a maximum of £350 for any one item.

However we are unable to cover jewellery, watches, furs, money, stamps, tickets or documents, anything that’s connected to a trade or business, or anything that is stolen from an awning.

We have a range of additional cover options to help you tailor our cover to your specific needs. See our Additional Cover Options section for more information.

There are no size restrictions for motorhomes.

Our motorhome insurance doesn’t include pedal cycles. It’s a good idea to check your home insurance though, as they may be covered under that policy.

Both you (the policyholder) and your spouse/partner if named on the policy, are covered for personal accident up to £5,000. We will also pay up to £300 of medical expenses for anyone who is injured in an accident while travelling in your motorhome.

You should automatically receive your documents approximately 21 days before your renewal date. Your new price should be available 25 days before the renewal date for you to make changes to your policy. 

If you are travelling around your renewal date and have no changes to make, we have payment options available which will ensure continuous cover. 

To discuss this or if you have questions about your renewal, please contact our customer service team on 0800 904 7763.

If you have opted to receive your documents by email or have purchased your policy online, you will not receive a postal copy of your documents. You will be able to retrieve your documents using your MySaga account within 24 hours.

If you are having problems accessing your MySaga account please call 0800 092 9104 or chat with us now for assistance.

If you would like to request your documents by post, please contact our customer services team on 0800 904 7763. Please note that they can take 3-6 working days to arrive. If your documents have not arrived within this time, please call the number above and they will be happy to help.

We advise that you check the details on your schedule to ensure that your details have been recorded correctly. We will update your vehicle details on the Motor Insurance Database, you can check this by going to Please note it may take a few days for the systems to update this information.

To retrieve a saved quote click here and follow the instructions to log into your MySaga account. Alternatively you can contact us on 0800 096 4553.

It is most important that you tell us immediately of any changes that occur since the insurance started or since the last renewal date. If you do not it is possible that a claim will not be covered. If you are in any doubt whether a change needs to be advised, please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 904 7763.

Some changes may require you to pay an administration fee of £25, please call us on 0800 904 7763 and one of our customer service advisers will be happy to answer any questions.

We will send proof of your No Claim Discount (NCD) by post once your policy has expired.

This means, if you have cancelled from your renewal date a No Claim Discount (NCD) letter will be issued at the end of your policy to ensure that you benefit from the full year's No Claim Discount (NCD).

If you have cancelled your policy mid term, we will issue proof of No Claim Discount (NCD) from the date your policy expires - you will not have earned the full year's No Claim Discount (NCD) and will receive only No Claim Discount (NCD) earned prior to the partial year of insurance.

Please note: We will usually send your No Claim Discount (NCD) by post which can take between 3-6 working days to arrive. If you have given permission for us to do so, we can validate your No Claim Discount (NCD) years over the telephone with your new insurer. 

As Saga is an insurance intermediary, we will place your business with an insurer, who will agree to cover any claims you make under your Saga policy. The £25 cost of this service is charged under a separate contract which we need to disclose to you. This does not inflate the cost of your cover as it is included in your total price.

You can view our latest Policy Books online under the Policy Book section.