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Levels of cover

A choice of two levels of cover from just £7 a month

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Levels of cover

  • Premier is our standard level of cover.
  • Premier Plus provides all the features of Premier – with the addition of Hospital Confinement Benefit and Accidental Death Benefit.

The sums we pay for specific injuries under each are detailed in the benefit table – Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance section.

Premier Single cover Joint cover

Up to £50,000 following accidental injury and accidental disablement, including fractures, dislocations and burns

£7.00 per month

£12.50 per month

Premier Plus

Single cover

Joint cover

All the benefits of Premier
+ Hospital Benefit up to £2,500
+ Accidental Death Benefit of £25,000

£11.00 per month

£19.50 per month

Premiums that don’t increase with age

Unlike other personal accident policies, the premiums do not increase as a result of you growing older, nor do the benefits decrease.

Cover to age 90

While other providers usually withdraw cover earlier, Saga’s cover can protect you until your 90th birthday, and you can take out a Saga Personal Accident policy up to the age of 89.

Easy payment

Premiums are paid monthly by Direct Debit, so there is no risk of your cover lapsing inadvertently, but you can cancel your Direct Debit should you wish to at any time by notifying your bank. This is a monthly contract and insurance premium tax is included, where applicable, at the prevailing rate.

Easy to arrange

You can arrange cover by calling us, you will not need a medical and we guarantee to accept you if you take out a Saga Personal Accident policy before you are 89 years old.