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How to join Saga and gain rewards

1. Your friend recommends Saga

Sign up to the promotion by providing us with a few details above. You'll need to be a new Saga customer to take part.

2. Buy a new policy from Saga

Once you've provided your details above, you'll be taken to a web page where you can browse our insurance products and buy your policy.

3. You'll both be rewarded

As long as the terms and conditions of the promotion are met, you and your friend will receive your gift cards. As a Saga policyholder you can then refer your own friends to gain more gift cards.

To get your reward, register for the Refer a Friend promotion and provide your email address. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be directed to a webpage where you'll need to buy a Saga insurance policy online. 

Once you've bought your Saga insurance policy, we’ll complete some checks before you and your friend can get your rewards. Both you and your friend must be outside of your cancellation period (this is usually 14 days from policy start date or the date the documents are received, whichever is later, but we may sometimes offer promotions which extend this) and must still be Saga insurance policyholders. You should both receive your gift cards by email between 32 and 45 days of your new insurance policy starting. You can find out full details of what needs to happen in our Refer a Friend terms and conditions. Once we’ve done our checks, we'll send you a link so you can choose and claim your gift cards.


You can choose from the gift cards available at the time you take part in the reward scheme. These may vary from time to time. 

If you haven’t received your rewards 45 days after your policy started, you should check that you’ve met the terms of the promotion. For example, did you follow the link your friend sent you and register for the Refer a Friend promotion? Are you outside of your cancellation period? If you've checked that you’ve met all the terms of the promotion but you still haven't received your reward, please email us on