Dealing with excessive sweating

Dr Mark Porter / 23 December 2016

Dr Porter advises a reader plagued by perspiration.

Q: I am hoping that you can help with an embarrassing problem. I sweat quite heavily and often end up with unsightly patches on my blouse which I often have to change a couple of times a day.  I am scrupulous about personal hygiene and always use an antiperspirant – what else can I do?

A: The easiest way to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is to use a medical grade antiperspirant, such as Anhydrol Forte or Driclor, which will be far more effective than normal sprays or roll-ons. They are available from pharmacies and are used in a different way to conventional anti-perspirants in that you generally apply them at night wash them off in the morning. 

Follow the instructions to the letter, and you may be able to control your sweating with just 2 – 3 applications a week. If that fails, or you develop soreness (a common side effect) then talk to your GP about a referral to a specialist with an interest in hyperhidrosis who can offer other options including Botox injections to temporary paralyse the sweat glands and, in extreme cases, surgery to cut the nerves supplying them.  Visit for more information.

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