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Free Fraud and Scam Helpline for all Saga customers

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Scammers won’t think twice about taking advantage of public uncertainty for their own ill-gotten gains, which is why the ongoing pandemic make us all that bit more vulnerable. With this in mind, we’re opening a Fraud and Scam Helpline service for all Saga customers, to help protect your money and offer support and counselling should you need it.

The Fraud and Scam Helpline is provided by Arc Legal Assistance and provides immediate advice and confidential support to Saga customers who are worried about telephone, email and door-to-door scams.

When you phone to raise a concern, you’ll talk in complete confidence to Citizens Advice-trained specialists who’ll give you practical support. Emotional support is also available from trained counsellors for people whose lives have been adversely affected by fraudsters. Here are a couple of examples of how the service can help…

Call straightaway for information and advice

Mr Smith phoned the helpline after receiving a text message claiming to be from his bank. The message stated that a potentially fraudulent transaction of £450 had been identified on his account and he was asked to click on a link to confirm this was the case. Rather than do what was being asked, Mr Smith phoned the Fraud and Scam Helpline and a specialist adviser provided him with details of the most appropriate organisation to report the scam to.

Quick access to counselling

Mrs Potter contacted the helpline as she was concerned she may have been the victim of a door-to-door scam. Having accepted a quote for double-glazing after letting a cold-caller into her home, she paid them a deposit of £2,000. Six weeks later she had heard nothing further from the company and was becoming increasingly worried that she might have been scammed. A counsellor at the Fraud and Scam Helpline provided emotional support and reassurance, and encouraged Mrs Potter to report the incident to the police as well as discuss the matter fully with her daughter.

Action Fraud

We should all be prepared for the various tricks scammers use to take advantage of others. Even the most suspicious of us can still get caught by a sophisticated scam. The UK’s national fraud reporting service, Action Fraud has the latest news and alerts.

Simply click 'Call now' to access the helpline – it's free to all Saga customers!

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