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Saga Equity Release Advice Service

We all have different interests and ambitions in life, but it’s not always possible to pursue these as fully as we’d like if we have other financial priorities. That’s why more and more people who’ve owned their homes for a number of years are choosing equity release – a way of unlocking tax-free cash from the value of their homes to spend on almost anything they choose.

So if you’re thinking about how to fund a holiday of a lifetime, pay for home and garden improvements, help out loved ones, or simply do more of the things you enjoy – there are a number of equity release options available to you through the Saga Equity Release Advice Service which is provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited. 

We know it’s a decision that needs careful consideration as it will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your state benefit entitlement. That’s why the Saga Equity Release Advice Service is here to explain what equity release is and how it can help, the different types and how you’re protected, and what to do next if you’d like to explore your options further. 

The Service offers a free no-obligation consultation, however, if you choose to proceed with a recommended product, an advice fee of £750 is payable on completion. It's worth remembering that if you are a Saga Possibilities member you'll benefit from not having to pay an advice fee upon completion.

If you do have any questions about equity release, the service, or if you would like to book a no-obligation appointment, please book a callback, or alternatively call the team on:

0800 096 1483

Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm (excluding bank holidays)

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